12 Most Popular Screenshot Apps for Android 2022

When you see something on the internet, you desire to share this information and photos with your friends and family.  A screenshot is an ideal way to share these kinds of things with your family and friends to solve this problem. As you all know that in android devices have a screenshot feature using your volume down button and in some other phones you take with your finger. But this feature only saves your image. You did not change your screenshot image; that’s a way you need the best screenshot apps for android smartphones. Using these apps on your smartphone, you can crop, add some extra emoji, put stickers, change picture quality and many other options these kinds of screenshot apps have.

Using these kinds of screenshot apps, you can do various things. When you watch a video, you see some shots, and you want to create a meme from them. So that time, you capture that movement and use it for your fun. So there are lots of options available in these apps so you can enjoy and make unique content for your Instagram profile. With the help of this article, you can download these apps directly because some apps are not available in the google play store, so you need not worry about this. We provide download here to download apk files and enjoy these apps on your android smartphone.

List of 12 Ideal Screenshot Apps for Android Smartphones

We short out the best android app to take screenshots with several features. You can edit images and do many things with your image. So let’s check and find out the best option that fulfills all your requirements.

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#1 Touchshot – Best Android Screenshot App

Are you looking for an app that provides numerous options while you are taking a screenshot? You do not need to push any key while capturing a screen. You just need to touch your screen then auto-capture your screenshot. When you capture your screen, you get some additional features like increasing your screenshot quality.  Using this app, you can increase image quality which helps you to present the best image. This app provides a help option, so use this option. You can get many other interesting options that help you create the best quality image with some additional features.

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 #2. Super Screenshot – Best Screenshot App Android

If you are looking for a prestigious screenshot app without any problem and an easy user interface, then this incredible app will help you? Using this app, you can get various kinds of features that are easy to access. You need to press a button for 2 seconds then your screenshot image saves on your smartphone clipboard. With the help of this app feature, you can resize your capture image with the best quality and save it on your SD card. This option helps you to manage your SS file to your storage.

#3 Screen Master- Screenshot App for Android Free Download

When talking about advanced screenshot apps, then one name suggests Screen Master. While you install this app on your android smartphone, you need not take any root permission. The most beneficial thing about this app is free. You can use this app and its features without paying any cost. You can draw, put stickers on an image, and resize your captured image using this app. The best option is to capture the whole web page in your image format. 

#4 Screenit – Screenshot Apps for Android

12 Most Popular Screenshot Apps for Android 2022

The Screenit app is best for those who only need to take screenshots with high-quality images. But with providing the best quality image, this app also has various features. Using this app, you can select a particular area to take screenshots, add color effects, add stickers, attach images in frames, and other more advanced options available in this app. You can also draw and add text to your capture image.

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#5 Screenshot Touch – Screenshot App for Android

The Screenshot Touch app has various methods to screenshot your android smartphone screen. You can take while shaking your device by notification and overlay icon. You can record your screen while using this app. When you want an entire page screenshot, this app also has this feature. The best option in the help is to create a subfolder so that you can manage your screenshot image with a particular folder name.

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#6 Screener – Best Android Screen Capture

Are you looking for the best screenshot app that provides you with the next level of various kinds of features, then your search will end? The screener has a lot of features to create your capture image to the next level. You can change and add background and also add multiple effects and many more options available. That is the reason we can consider this app one of the best screenshot apps. The interface of this app is user friendly, so you can easily understand and manage this aap and create the best screenshot image with excellent quality. 

#7 Screen Crop – Android Screen Capture Apps

If you want to do various things with your capture image, then you can use the Screen Crop screenshot app. With the help of this image, you can easily take a screenshot and share with your family and friends. When you take a screenshot using this app, you have two options: share an image with your friend or save your SD card. With this sharing option, you can also share your image with social media platforms.

#8 Screenshot Capture Recorder 

The Screenshot capture recorder provides you with three ways to capture your image: first using a button, 2nd using notification, and last option, shake your android device. Using this app, you can get various image filters to enhance image quality and send the best image to your friends and family. 

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#9 Screenshot X -Free Screenshot Apps for Android

Screenshot android app provides you with the fastest and simple way to take screenshots on your smartphone. The best alternative is that you can take a screenshot confidentially. No one understood while you took a screenshot. You can only tap on your screen, and your screenshot image autosaves on your smartphone device. You do not see any kind of notification about this app. This app is totally free, and you can edit and modify your screenshot image with the easy user interface.

#10 Screenshot Crop & Share – Download Screenshot App for Android

Screenshot Crop and Share android app of those users who aim not only to take a screenshot but also want plenty of things with screenshot images. So you can use this android app.  This app has a unique feature where you can blur screenshots which you don’t want to capture. You can also share your screenshot image with your friend and family also share with a social media platform.

#11  AZ Screen Recorder – Free Screenshot App for Android

Az Screen Recorder is the best screenshot app for android smartphones. You can capture your screen and make a video to capture the whole screen with image and video format. This app also has some additional features that any other app has not. Using this app, you can easily take high-quality screenshot images and create full HD video recording without any time limit. 

#12 Firefox ScreenshotsGo Beta – Screen Capture App Android

Firefox ScreenshotGo, this kind of app makes our work easier with this advanced feature. Using this app, you can easily capture your screen as compared to other SS apps. The Go button feature in this app makes our work so easy when browsing your phone. This option is always available on your screen. Whenever you need to press this button, then screenshot the image save on your smartphone device. 

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