16 Solutions If Verizon Emails Cannot Send or Receive 

Verizon has all the qualities one could want in an email client. Yahoo’s merger with Verizon makes it even more secure to share sensitive and important information. Yahoo accounts are now being used extensively by Verizon users. It works with all browsers and has a mail application to benefit iPhone and Smartphone users. We become accustomed to sharing information via the Yahoo Verizon email service and the idea of losing it can be frightening. We feel helpless when our Verizon email cannot send or receive emails. We have prepared a troubleshooting guide for Verizon email issues.

We’ll be discussing all possible reasons and providing detailed solutions so users can quickly fix any Verizon email issues that prevent them from receiving or sending emails, as well as sharing sensitive data/information.

This guide is divided into two sections, one for problems with Verizon email that occur on the browser and the other for problems that occur on the Verizon mail application.

What are you going to find?

  1. Reasons Why Verizon Email Sending and Receiving issue Occur
  2. Section 1: Fix Verizon Email Sending and Receiving issues on Browser.
  3. Section 2: Fix Verizon Email Sending or Receiving Issues Third Pary Application

Verizon Email Sending and Receiving Problems

  1. Poor Internet connectivity: If there is no internet connection, it will affect the fundamental functioning of email sending and receiving.
  2. Inappropriate Configuration Settings: Without the right configuration settings there is no way you can send or receive emails with Verizon configured on third-party email clients.
  3. Exceeding email limits: Once you have sent more than the limit, you will not be able to send any emails.
  4. Incorrect Address of the Recipient: If you want the email to reach the target address, it is essential that you type the correct address.
  5. Blocking an email address: You will have problems sending emails if your ID has been blocked by the recipient. You will also be unable to receive an email if the sender has been blocked.
  6. Troubleshoot browser problems: Your browser may have issues that prevent you from sending and receiving emails.
  7. Problems with your device: This can happen to any browser, mail app, or email sending and receiving.
  8. Problems with attachments: Attachments that are corrupted or too large won’t allow you to send emails.
  9. Problematic add-ons and plug-ins: Browsers that have problematic add-ons can cause email sending or receiving problems with your Verizon email account.
  10. Problems with the Yahoo Verizon App Mail App: Yahoo Verizon App issues can cause problems when sending and receiving emails.
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Section 1: Fix Verizon Email Sending & Receiving Problems on the Browser.

Solution 1: Fix Internet Problems

Before you move on to more advanced troubleshooting, it is important that you fix any network issues. Restarting your router and modem is another option. To get better strength, you can switch to another network.

Cellular data users can restart their device, disable or enable aeroplane mode, and exchange it with a Wi-Fi connection.

Solution 2: Go to the Spam folder

Emails that don’t reach the Inbox often end up in Spam. This is why you should be especially cautious about emails with promotional material. To see if the mail is there, you can also look at the Social tab and Promotional tab.

Solution 3: Verify Blocked Contacts List

You can’t contact blocked contacts via email, and neither can they. Keep an eye on blocked contacts to ensure they don’t get your emails. You should not block accounts if you notice that you cannot send emails to them. Unblocking can help you get emails from previously blocked contacts.

Solution 4: Clear Cookies & Cache

Your browser collects junk over time, but it is necessary to be deleted if your Verizon email account stops working properly while you are sending and receiving emails. This is the easiest method to fix issues with sending and receiving emails from your Verizon email account.

Solution 5: Don’t exceed the sending limit

Yahoo has a limit on the number of emails you can send. If you exceed that limit, Yahoo will stop you from sending more emails until 24 hours have passed. To avoid any Verizon email problems, you should monitor the number and speed of your emails each day. Your daily email limit can be renewed each day. In this instance, there is nothing to do but wait.

Important Note: Sending too many emails at once is not a good idea. They can ruin your image and make it look like you are spamming. It is best to not use more than one account for sending bulk emails. This can increase the likelihood of your account being blocked.

Solution 6: Measure the attachment.

It can be difficult to send too many attachments in one email. Yahoo limits the size of attachments to 25 MB. You might not be able to send an email if your attachment is larger than the Yahoo limit (e.g. 25 MB). Splitting one large attachment into smaller files can help you resolve this issue. Then, send an email to each of the smaller files. This could help to resolve the Yahoo mail attachment problem.

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Solution 7: Verify the address of the recipient

To avoid any problems caused by an incorrect recipient email address, double-check the “To” field. Before you send an email, make sure to thoroughly review the domain name and email address. This will prevent you from getting your Verizon email delivered late.

Solution 8: Updating the Version of Your Browser

Use a Yahoo Verizon account to access a browser. Make sure that the version isn’t outdated. Older versions may not work with Verizon email. This is why you can update your browser to fix problems when you cannot send or receive emails.

Solution 9: Disable plug-ins and add-ons

An excessive amount of plug-ins and add-ons can slow down your browser. This is why it is important to disable or delete any extensions that are not in use. Faulty add-ons can cause Verizon to not be able to send or receive emails by interfering with the backend properties.

Section 2: Verizon does not send or receive emails on third-party applications

Solution 1: Fix IMAP Client Settings Sending & Receiving Problems

Yahoo Verizon email clients like Outlook and Mac Mail clients require that you set up your Verizon mail account with POP and IMAP protocols. These apps need to be in perfect alignment with your email account to function properly. You can also fix any settings issues using the solutions below.

Solution 2: Check for issues with your Verizon Mail account

While you’re using the third-party app, make sure you don’t forget about the Yahoo Verizon email account issues. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account first using your browser
  2. You can create a new email and address it by entering your address into the “To” field.
  3. Give it a while and then check to see if the email has been sent.

Solution 3: Verify the correctness of IMAP or POP settings

When using the app, ensure that you have the correct IMAP and Verizon Yahoo email POP settings. Sometimes the app’s data looks correct, but it can still cause problems. This is because your data for the app could be corrupted or contain invalid entries. You can delete your account and add it again. You can also contact the client to get specific instructions.

Solution 4: Find out if there is software blocking the ports

Security programs, antivirus, network protocol and security programs can block ports, which further causes issues with Verizon email sending and receiving. If any ports like 995, 465 or 587 have been blocked, the app won’t be able to connect to the server. To unblock blocked ports, it is recommended that you contact the Internet Service Provider (or the manufacturer of security software) to find out the best way.

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Solution 5: These cases can be used to help you with your Verizon account

1. Check for out-of-date IMAP or POP Email App

Yahoo Mail will display an error message stating that your server password has been changed or authentication failed. Email apps that are using outdated security protocols should be denied default access. You can modify your account settings to deny or allow temporary access to these apps.

2. Verify if your Yahoo account key is being used or Two-Step verification

Yahoo security keys and third-party app passwords are always a benefit as they provide an additional layer of security when used on any email client.

These steps will help you generate a password for your app:

  1. Sign in first to your Yahoo Account Security Page.
  2. Type in “Generate app password” and “Generate and manage app password”.
  3. Click on Generate Password.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for creating an app password
  5. Click done

3. Check to see if you have added extra email to your Yahoo account

You may have issues receiving and sending emails from Verizon if you have not verified your extra email address with Yahoo. When sending emails using a Yahoo Mail account, a third-party email client, you may encounter errors such as the 553 error code.

Solution 6: Contact the App Manufacturer or use a Different App

If your yahoo account is not working with an external email app, you can contact the manufacturer or use a third-party mail client.

Solution 7: Review Outgoing and Incoming Server Settings

We’ve already discussed Yahoo Mail Server Settings, so let us now look at the actual settings.

IMAP settings for Yahoo Mail

IMAP settings use advanced technology to establish a connection between your Yahoo Mail account and the desktop email client via the mobile app.

You can use IMAP to enable 2 way syncing. This means that your data is synced across servers so you can access it from anywhere, without having to configure the mail client or the app.

IMAP Server for Incoming Mail

Server –
Port – 993
SSL required – Yes

Outgoing mail (SMTP Server)

Server –
Port – 465 and 587
SSL required – Yes
Requires authentication – Yes

Your login info

Email address – Your complete email address (
Password – Generate App Password
Requires authentication – Yes
Yahoo Mail POP Settings

POP Setting for Yahoo Mail

Verizon POP (Post Office Protocol), a traditional configuration setting, downloads copied email data to allow you to restore your data even if it has been deleted from the app. It preserves the originality of your email data.

Incoming mail (POP Server)
Server –
Port – 995
SSL required – Yes

Outgoing mail (SMTP Server)

Server –
Port – 465 and 587
SSL required – Yes
TLS required – Yes, if possible
Requires authentication – Yes

Your login info

Email address – Your complete email address (
Password – Generate App Password
Requires authentication – Yes

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