4 Online Tactics to Instantly Improve Your Shipping Business 

If you run a shipping business, you’ll understand the amount of effort required to get goods from A-to-B in a timely manner. Managing the logistics, particularly if you are dealing with multiple orders at the same time, can be a serious challenge. 

Yet it’s not just about the actual process of shipping you have to worry about. As with any business, there are other elements – from accounting to marketing – that make the task of running a successful operation even more challenging. 

Is your shipping business not achieving the profit margins you hoped for? Perhaps you’re struggling to secure enough work to make your company viable? Maybe you are simply seeking ways to push your business to the next level? 

Whatever the reason is, you’re on this page because you require some guidance. To improve your shipping business, here are four tactics to consider: 

1. Use a load board 

Even if you have a steady flow of work coming in, it is highly recommended for your shipping business to use a load board. If you use the right load board, you can gain instant access to thousands of new shipping jobs posted each and every day. 

This can be useful in various situations. For example, if you’re just starting out, these jobs can help keep the cash flowing in while you build up your reputation. Established outlets can also take advantage of the load board. Even if your business is highly successful, there are going to be times when you hit a lean patch. Jobs on the load board can fill that gap. There are also going to be situations where your trucks are only partially full. Jobs on the load board can fill that gap. 

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When you want to find shipping work through a load board, it’s important you use the best load board platform. That is provided by Shiply – you can find out more about shipping work via the following link:

2. Stand out with your branding 

A strong brand can go a long way to differentiating your shipping business from the competition. In this industry, it can be difficult to stand out as the service carried out by shipping companies doesn’t generally differ at its core. That’s why branding can be a difference-maker. 

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint your trucks a luminous yellow – you can stand out in much more subtle, effective ways. One such method is to have a high-quality, memorable logo designed. As this is used on your website banner, business listing, and every marketing material, it pays to get an excellent logo created. 

3. Effective communication

A successful business is one that places a strong emphasis on communication. With that said, communication is a little trickier in the shipping industry compared to other sectors. Employees are constantly on the road, which means you require a setup where they can still communicate freely while driving shipments to their destination. 

Communication also stretches to your customers. A potential client doesn’t want to be left waiting around when they have an urgent delivery that needs to be made. You have to be prompt and efficient when talking with customers, and it’s also advised you offer multiple communication channels – email, phone, live chat, etc. – for them to use. 

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Keeping clients informed about their orders during the delivery process can also go a long way in terms of customer service. This way, they’ll know exactly when the order is scheduled to arrive. Plus, if a delay happens for whatever reason, a prompt update can make them more understanding of the situation. 

4. Share on social media 

It may seem futile to post about your shipping business on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but it’s something you should do on the regular. These updates can be a little on the mundane side – unless you’re delivering some interesting items – but it is done for one big reason: to keep your business in the public consciousness. 

Aside from the promotional side of things, it also shows to potential customers that your business is active. You always want to avoid a social media page that hasn’t received an update for a couple of years. 

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