7 Best Ways to Fix TikTok Video Not Posting

Find that your TikTok videos are not posting or uploading to your feed?

Chances are you’re not the only one. Plenty of people are just dying to get their TikTok content out there only to be stopped by some infuriating error😤. Alternatively, users report that some of their TikTok uploads get stuck while posting at 0%, 61%, 99%, or some other weird number.TikTok video not posting or uploading

Hence, for different people and for each upload, there may be alternative reasons why TikTok is not letting you post. This could be a fault on their end, where an issue with their servers may have slowed down the rate of posting videos. On the other hand, it could also be a result of something that went wrong on your side.

On that note, we attempted to create this comprehensive guide to tackle most of the causes for your TikTok videos not uploading. So, we suggest skimming through these 7 steps to see whether they apply to your situation.

By the way, these steps apply if you’re using TikTok on Android or IOS/iPhone.

1. Try Restarting the TikTok App and then Your Phone

For starters, we suggest this general fix, which is reopening the TikTok app once again. Doing this restarts the TikTok app session, to confront any minor background problems that may cause your upload to fail or get stuck. Besides that, restarting an app is always seen to speed up the app operation. Hence, if you do feel the app being sluggish or buggy, definitely try restarting it.

For this, simply close the TikTok app completely by removing it from your Recent Apps. Then, proceed to reopen the app.

If you still find your TikTok uploads not going through, you can take this a step further and try restarting your phone. This has a similar effect as restarting the app, as you’ll feel a slight speed increase when navigating the app. We suggest just the basic restart of your phone.

For Android devices: press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then choose Restart when prompted.

restarting android phone to fix TikTok video not posting

For IOS or iPhones: press and hold the power button, slide the power off switch, then wait a few seconds before turning it on again.

restarting iPhone to fix TikTok video not posting

2. Check the TikTok Server Status

If there is an issue with TikTok servers, you may be part of the unlucky ones facing technical difficulties with the app. With the sheer number of people on TikTok these days, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the app experiences server overloads now and then. So how can you know whether TikTok servers are down? 

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We suggest checking DownDetector to see the real-time condition of TikTok servers. Even though this is a third-party site, it’s undoubtedly useful. You can see the number of reports and the types of problems other TikTokers have been facing. There’s also a live map where you can see where the issues are mostly occurring.

You can visit DownDetector’s TikTok status page by clicking here. From here, you should see any ongoing issues with TikTok.

check TikTok server status to fix TikTok video not posting

With that said, when you experience problems with the app, just give this page a quick look to see if others can’t upload as well. If it’s a server issue, then there’s nothing much to fear since TikTok usually sorts out these technical hiccups within a few hours.

3. Ensure You Have Good Internet Connection

One of the main reasons for your TikTok videos not posting is due to a weak or unstable internet connection. Don’t worry, you’re not gonna need lightning speeds just to upload a short TikTok video. Only that with moderate internet speeds, your uploading speed may be slowed down. Therefore, just briefly check the WiFi or Mobile Internet symbol on your phone’s Status Bar.

If you’re on WiFi, make sure that the WiFi symbol is showing on the status bar, and you have at least 1 or 2 bars.

check internet connection to fix Tikok video not uploading

For mobile data/internet, having H+ or 3G should be enough. Anything lower would understandably result in slower or failed uploads.

check internet connection to fix Tikok video not uploading

With that said, if you find your WiFi slower than usual, a nifty tip would be turning your internet router off then on. You can certainly see faster internet speeds after doing this.

On the other hand, a tip to improve your mobile internet would be turning airplane mode on then off. If possible, try moving to an area where there is better service or cell reception.

4. Clear the TikTok App Cache and App Data

Moving on, if there is built-up cache within the app, it can slow down the TikTok app navigation. Plus, it could affect your TikTok video uploads as well. Luckily, for both devices, you can clear the TikTok app cache easily within the app settings ⚙️.

To do this, open the TikTok app, choose Me from the bottom bar to head to your profile page, tap the 3 dots at the upper right corner to access the Settings and privacy menu. After that, scroll all the way down, and tap the Clear cache button.

Clear TikTok app cache to fix TikTok video not posting

If you’re on Android, you can clear even more inessential app data through your phone’s settings by navigating to the App Info section. For this, from the Settings app, select Apps & notifications, then select TikTok from the list of apps.

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Clear TikTok app cache on Android to fix TikTok video not posting

Next, at the App Info section, choose Storage & cache. Here, start off by tapping Clear Cache, and then you can choose Clear Data as well.

Clear TikTok app cache to fix TikTok video not uploading

5. Look Through Your Video for Copyright Violations

As per TikTok’s terms and conditions, they take uploading copyrighted content pretty seriously. This usually only becomes an issue if you’re reposting content created by other people or even TikTokers. Thus, maybe leading to other users reporting your uploaded video. 

With that, whenever you attempt at posting a video, you may get error messages stating “Failed to upload” or that you’re temporarily blocked. To overcome an unnecessary block, you can also try Step 7, which is reporting the problem to TikTok.

On that note, just glance through your video, inspecting for any visible logos or watermarks that may get you blocked. After that, you could try cropping the video before reuploading.

Along with that, this problem can even arise if you use certain songs for your uploaded video without the artist’s consent. This issue very rarely occurs for TikTokers. Nonetheless, when reuploading your TikTok video, try using a different song instead.

6. Check if You are Blocked From Posting

Following the previous step, you should check to see if your account was blocked or flagged. This may be due to your uploads violating their terms and conditions or even a copyright issue. Thus, TikTok may prevent your following video uploads from posting. Sometimes you may also be wrongfully blocked due to some users’ reports, so it’s best to give this a quick check.

To do this, from the TikTok app, select Inbox from the bottom bar, then from the top menu choose From TikTok.

Check if tiktok account is blocked to fix tiktok video not posting

Here, you may see a message from TikTok explaining how long you’ve been blocked and when you can begin uploading again.

Therefore, if you do find that you’re blocked from posting for some odd reason, you can appeal to TikTok to overturn this block. The next step will show step-by-step how you can get in touch with the TikTok Support team.

7. Report the problem to TikTok Support

Finally, we suggest reporting this issue to TikTok themselves. By doing this, you can obtain a more definitive fix or even see if there’s anything wrong with your account. Especially if you feel you’ve been wrongfully blocked from posting, it’s only right that you raise this to the TikTok support team. 

Plus, you can report any issue to TikTok within the app settings ⚙️. So you just have to see which error describes your situation best, select it, and write a quick feedback message. Nonetheless, it may be overwhelming or confusing for some people to use this to report issues. 

Hence the following steps should guide you through reporting a “TikTok video not posting” problem.

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For this step, like before, you’ll need to head to the Settings and privacy menu. Hence, from the TikTok app, select Me at the bottom right, and tap the three dots at the upper right corner. After that under Support, choose Report a problem.

Report problem to TikTok to fix TikTok video not posting

For this case, choose Video and Sound, then select Posting Video.

Report problem to TikTok to fix TikTok video not uploading

On the next page, if you wish to appeal TikTok’s block on your account, select Blocked from posting. Else you can choose the Unable to post videos instead if you aren’t blocked but still can’t upload.

Report problem to TikTok to fix TikTok video not uploading

Following that, you can tap Still have problem and write a more detailed description of the problem. Mention things like what issue it is, error messages that popped up, and the device you’re using. Uploading a screenshot of the issue may help as well. Once done, tap Report.

Report problem to TikTok to fix TikTok video not posting

And it’s that simple to report issues to TikTok support. Check the Inbox section of the app from time to time, to see if TikTok reached back to you.


Not being able to upload videos to your TikTok followers can undoubtedly be infuriating and leave you clueless about what to do next. Plus, this can certainly hurt your account growth if you’re not able to post for an extended time. On that note, these are 7 steps that we’ve found can be helpful to resolve the “TikTok video not posting” error. 

As a bonus step, another general fix you can try is updating the TikTok app regularly. These latest updates come with necessary bug fixes that ensure the TikTok app is kept well optimized. 

Hence, just head over to the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android), go to the TikTok app page, and see if there are any pending updates.

Update TikTok app to fix TikTok video not posting

Apart from that, reinstalling the TikTok app can also be effective in solving various technical issues. Through this, you’re essentially deleting all the old files and installing a fresh copy of the TikTok app on your phone. Thus, free from any cache files and maybe even interfering bugs.

For this, just uninstall the TikTok app, head over to the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android), go to the TikTok app page, and tap Install.

With that done, head over to the newly-installed TikTok app, log in to your account and see if you’re still facing the same error when uploading a video.

Do you have an alternative fix for this “TikTok video not uploading” issue? Feel free to share in the comments. It might even help others with a similar problem.

We sincerely hope these steps were effective for you in solving the error.😁

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