7 Ways to Make Offline Meetings More Interesting

Unfortunately, exchanging a box of donuts online is impossible, and the energy is less contagious online than in physical conference rooms. Making virtual meetings enjoyable is an innovative way to avoid online fatigue and keep attendees’ attention. This article shows you how to make virtual meetings more enjoyable and increase employee engagement.

#1 The Balance Between Talking and Listening

Since virtual offices are collaborative environments, you should balance them. During virtual meetings, experts recommend alternating between presentation and discussion. You should speak for at most 70% of the forum and leave the rest of the time open for coworkers to respond and participate. 

Of course, you can devote more time to group discussion, but you should not spend more than two-thirds of the meeting yelling at your colleagues.

#2 Ice-Breaking Questions

Before you start brainstorming ideas or crunching numbers, try to strike up a conversation that isn’t about work. It will assist you in overcoming the initial period of silence and awkwardness. Teammates can de-stress by answering a set of virtual icebreaker questions. 

Icebreaker questions are simple cues for making virtual meetings more enjoyable. For example, you could inquire, “What is your name, role, and favorite strange salad ingredient?” 

These icebreakers allow attendees to share more about themselves while building connections and relationships. Once the attendees have built some relationships within the work team, they will look forward to working together and helping the teammates as needed. If time allows, you can challenge teammates to repeat information learned during the icebreaker.

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#3 Usage of Visual aid and Crisp Presentation Techniques

Virtual meetings are a visual medium, but many leaders forego pictures, diagrams, and outside videos in favor of webcam conferences. The meeting in charge can demonstrate concept ideas to the team and encourage employees to focus on meeting content rather than shopping for smoothie machines by incorporating outside images into video conferencing tools. 

You can create presentations centered on a specific theme to keep your virtual team engaged throughout. For example, use catchphrases from a popular show while discussing the main points in your presentation. 

#4 Zoom Background

Zoom backgrounds are a fun way to make virtual meetings more enjoyable. Attendees can express themselves by selecting a virtual background. When sending the meeting invitation, you can include a background theme, such as “favorite movies” or “Halloween.” 

You can even choose and create a background for your team now, as PosterMyWall allows you to customize and create your zoom backgrounds which you can distribute to your team. The available templates make this simple and easy.

#5 Interactive Features of Online Meetings

Video meeting software provides many interactive features. You can use them to enhance the meeting experience; ignoring these features would be a shame. You could, for example, use the reactions function to play a Zoom version of rock, paper, scissors, and Zoom’s customizable backgrounds to add whimsy and playfulness to your meeting. 

#6 Online Games 

You could incorporate online competitions in which players compete in tough activities from behind a computer screen. Doodling on a post-it note stuck to the forehead or typing a paragraph with chopsticks are two examples. Because each round only lasts sixty seconds, these exercises can energize the group and add fun to meetings without wasting too much time.

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You can implement these virtual team-building activities into your Monday meetings to start the week off right or your Friday meetings to end the work week on a high note. 

Employees can benefit from these games by unwinding, inspiring great teamwork, and encouraging open communication. Employees learn to collaborate toward a common goal and develop problem-solving skills to help them deal with day-to-day workplace challenges.

#7 Engage Attendees Before the Meeting

Long before the first person speaking takes the stage, create anticipation for your upcoming virtual conference. Encourage attendees to submit questions, vote on which topic most interests them, or complete a survey during the week preceding the virtual meeting. 

These strategies should help you make your online meetings more engaging, and when your employees are active and involved, they will also be more productive. Here’s hoping these strategies help you make your online meetings more fun!

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