9 Best Ways to Fix TikTok Search Not Working or Unavailable

Find that the TikTok search bar isn’t working correctly, or the feature is “Currently Unavailable”?

With a growing population of TikTokers, the amount of watch-worthy content on this platform has undoubtedly skyrocketed 🚀. It’s almost like every day there’s another TikTok trend you haven’t even heard of or hopped on yet.

So, what better way to discover the latest trends and hashtags than through TikTok’s very own search bar 🔎. Besides that, there are plenty of uses for the TikTok search bar, like browsing fellow creators/users and finding sounds for your next video.

Who knows what kind of golden content you’re gonna stumble into next 🌟!

However, as handy as searching on TikTok can be, this feature does experience occasional setbacks. For instance, some users report that they don’t get any TikTok search results, or get stuck on searching.tiktok search bar not working or unavailable

Other than that, a common TikTok search error users get is the “Sorry this feature is currently unavailable” message or a Network error.tiktok search bar not working, network error or unavailable

Therefore, if you receive a Network error, there’s a high chance your internet connection might be weak or problematic.

Whatever the TikTok search error is, we’ve got you covered.

This guide has 9 fixes to try when your TikTok search bar isn’t working correctly on your iPhone/iPad or Android.

So, let’s hop on to it.

1. Restart the TikTok App

For starters, try this general troubleshooting step, which essentially involves rebooting the TikTok app. Through a quick restart, you can resolve temporary issues that occurred during the app runtime.

Thus, this step is important to confront any app glitches that slow down TikTok and its features, like search.

  1. First, close the TikTok app completely by removing it from your Recent Apps or App Switcher
  2. Then, simply reopen the TikTok app from your homepage.restart the TikTok app to fix TikTok search bar not working

2. Check the TikTok Server Status

At times, this TikTok search problem might be affecting multiple TikTokers at the same time. Hence, this is a key indicator that there’s an issue or server maintenance over on TikTok’s end.

Usually, if there are TikTok server issues, you’ll be noticing other platform errors as well besides search-related. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the TikTok server status or if other users are reporting similar search problems.

So, how can one find out if there are problems on TikTok’s end🤔?

For this, there are 2 ways we propose to check TikTok’s real-time server status:

a) Through DownDetector

We suggest visiting DownDetector’s page for TikTok, which shows the real-time status and outages reported by fellow TikTokers. Although it’s a third-party tool, we’ve found its results are certainly accurate and timely since it’s based on actual user reports.check tiktok server status on downdetector

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Here, we also recommend looking over the comment section and live map 🗺️ to see the number and types of problems reported.

That way, if you spot similarities with your search error, this could be an ongoing TikTok problem. 

b) Through Twitter (@TikTokSupport)

Occasionally, if there are more severe or widespread platform problems, TikTok will address them on their Twitter page, @TikTokSupport. So, if they have announced a recent app issue, there’s a chance the search bar may have been affected too.check tiktok server status on twitter to fix tiktok search bar not working

Also, this page should provide you with an alternative means of reaching out to TikTok Support.

3. Use Different TikTok Search Filters

We found that changing the TikTok search filters has a similar effect as repeating or jumpstarting the TikTok search. Thus, it’s a way to refresh the search results and possibly give you different ones.

Therefore, if you wind up on the Network error page or receive incorrect TikTok results, we recommend doing this simple alteration.

So, to change the TikTok search filters:

  1. First, tap the settings icon at the upper-right.
  2. After that, from the menu, choose a different Filter by and/or Sort by setting.
  3. Finally, tap Apply.use different search filters to fix tiktok search bar not working

4. Try Searching with a Different TikTok Account

Some users have reported that the search bar worked correctly on their secondary TikTok account. This could suggest that the TikTok search bar isn’t working due to an account-related issue.

On that note, if you have a second TikTok account, try switching over. You can quickly switch TikTok accounts at the Me page by tapping your username on top.switch to a different tiktok account

Then, when you’re at the second account, test the search bar on the Discover page.

If you don’t have a second account, try asking a friend instead if their TikTok search bar is up and running. You can even ask in the comment section below, so we or any other wandering TikToker can quickly check for you.

Thus, if you find an account-related problem, we suggest getting in touch with TikTok Support (Step 9).

5. Update the TikTok App

As mentioned before, the search bar problem could be one that TikTok is actively tackling from the backend. Therefore, they may come out with an upcoming app update with essential bug fixes to address the TikTok search bar that’s not working.

So, the best thing we as users can do is check if the TikTok app is updated to its latest version. Better yet, enable auto-updates for essential social media apps like these, which you use almost daily.

To check and install pending TikTok app updates:

  1. First, open your App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). 
  2. Then, go to the TikTok app page, and if updates are available, tap the Update button.update tiktok app to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable
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6. Enable All the Permissions for the TikTok App

Sure, it might seem like a stretch giving the TikTok app access to all resources on your phone to tackle one minor search bar problem. Also, judging from TikTok’s “newcomer” status 👶, its largely publicized ban threats, and having an overall questionable background 🤨, you may not be too comfortable enabling these settings.

However, switching on these necessary permissions was the right fix for numerous users with this exact problem.

So, not to worry, you can follow the same steps below to turn off the permissions at any time. With that said, you can rest assured knowing you’re always in control of your privacy when using the app.

Do note, if these TikTok permissions are already enabled, try turning it off, and then on again. Doing this can refresh these permissions and may prove to be the right fix.

For iPhone/iPad

  1. First, open the Settings app, scroll down and select TikTok.enable all permissions for the tiktok app on iPhone or iPad to fix TikTok search bar not working
  2. After that, under the list of permissions, switch on the available permissions, like Camera and Photos.enable all permissions for the tiktok app on iPhone or iPad to fix TikTok search bar not working

For Android

  1. First, open the Settings app, and select Apps & notification.
  2. After that, select TikTok from the list of apps.access tiktok in the android system settings
  3. Next, select Permissions, and under Denied, choose a permission.enable all permissions for the tiktok app on android to fix TikTok search bar not working
  4. Then, choose either Allow or Allow only while using app.enable all permissions for the tiktok app on android to fix TikTok search bar not working

Finally, repeat this step for the other TikTok permissions that are disabled till they’re all under Allowed.

7. Clear the TikTok App Cache or Data

If you haven’t cleared the TikTok app cache in a while, it could begin occupying large internal storage space. To make matters worse, this accumulated cache can slow down the app and affect its performance and features, like search.

Hence, this overlooked TikTok cache could cause app glitches – the potential culprit for your TikTok search bar that’s not working.

Through the TikTok App Settings

Luckily, TikTok has provided an option to clear the cache through the app settings easily. To access this:

  1. First, select Me from the bottom bar, and tap the menu icon at the upper-right to access the Settings.
  2. Then, scroll down and select Clear cache.clear tiktok app cache to fix tiktok profile picture not changing or showing

Through the Device’s System Settings (For Android)

If you’re using an Android device, you can delete even more app cache and data within the system settings. To navigate to this option:

  1. First, open the Settings app, and select Apps & notification.
  2. Then, select TikTok from the list of apps.clear tiktok app cache on android to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable
  1. After that, choose Storage & cache
  2. Next, start by tapping Clear Cache, and then you can also select Clear Data.clear tiktok app cache on android to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable

8. Reinstall the TikTok App

If clearing the TikTok cache didn’t do the trick, you can go a step further by completely reinstalling the app. Through this, you’re not only removing the cache, but every other app file that could’ve been potentially corrupted. So, you can install a fresh copy of the TikTok app, free from any intruding app glitches.

So, to reinstall the TikTok app, the steps are similar whether you’re using an Android, iPhone, or iPad:

  1. First, locate the TikTok app on your home screen or app list.
  2. Then, tap and long-press it to access the selection menu.
  3. After that, select Uninstall or Delete App.reinstall tiktok app to fix tiktok search bar not working
  4. Lastly, go to the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play Store (Android), then at the TikTok app page, install it.
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Now, open the newly-installed TikTok app, sign in, and check if the search bar is still not working.

9. Report the Search Bar Problem to TikTok Support

Finally, if you’ve tried everything under the sun, but the TikTok search bar is still bugging you, try contacting TikTok themselves. For many users, after a brief message to TikTok Support, their search bar problem “magically” disappeared after a few days.

Thus, this could be a backend issue TikTok hasn’t noticed yet. Else, it could be an account-related problem only TikTok can resolve by checking under the hood. 

Overall, raising your issue with TikTok Support can give you a definitive fix:

  1. First, select Me from the bottom bar, and tap the menu icon at the upper-right to access the Settings.
  2. After that, under Support, tap Report a problem. Then, under Select a Topic, choose Feed/Search/ TikTok support to fix tiktok search bar not working
  3. Then, select Search, and choose the most fitting topic, like Searching for TikTok support to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable
  4. On the next page, to report your error, under “Is your problem resolved?” tap No, and then select Still have TikTok support to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable
  5. Finally, write a brief description of your TikTok search bar problem, and tap TikTok support to fix tiktok search bar not working or unavailable

Now that your report is submitted, all there’s left is to wait for TikTok to get back to you. So, do glance through your Inbox from time to time.

The only downside to this fix is it may take a while for TikTok to respond. Especially considering there are numerous other angry TikTokers to cater.


To recap, this search bar problem is yet another common TikTok error that users report. So, if you spot something odd with the feature, we only hope that you’ve stumbled across this guide.

This guide provides you with 9 simple fixes to try when the TikTok search bar isn’t working, whether on your iOS or Android device.

With the TikTok search bar sorted out, “discover” more viral trends and top posts than your FYP has to offer. Or if you’re really sneaky, go ahead and stalk a fellow TikToker or creator 🕵️‍♂️.

The amount of content to search for is truly endless 🤩!

Lastly, do share in the comments section below:

  1. Are you facing problems with the TikTok search bar?
  2. Did any of the above steps solve your TikTok search bar error?
  3. Have another fix you think we should add to the list?

Feel free to share this post with your fellow TikTokers whose search bar isn’t working.

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