Adeptmobile: App development in Norway

The National Driving License Service (NLDL) is the Norwegian Government’s agency for issuing driving licenses. The company that gives the driving assignment is Statens Velgjestelag, which translates to “State Visitor Agency” in English. If you’re an individual looking to drive in Norway or a company with cars that need to employ drivers with valid licenses, you should check out This is a new initiative by the government agency NVK and their contractors, Statens vegvesen, that offers app development services to companies and individuals interested in using their digital tools and services. NVK and its contractors are also known as Statens vegvesenkontor, which means “Transportation Authorities” in English. They provide services such as trucking, road construction, public transportation, aviation, ferries and marine transport. Read on to know more about and how it can help your business grow:

What is

Aadapt mobile is the term given to a new initiative by the Norwegian Government to provide app development services exclusively to companies and individuals interested in using their digital tools and services. The venture is led by the private company Adept Mobile, which will provide app development services. The company’s founders are Nils Beintigrand, Stig Hjelmeset and Eivind Rogne. The idea for was conceived by Beintigrand and Hjelmeset in their spare time while working for the Norwegian Road and Transport Research Institute. The name comes from a word meaning “expert” in Norse. The word is also used in a certification program that tests engineers to become experts in specific fields of application.

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How does it work?

Users sign up for a monthly subscription plan that costs between 1,000 and 2,500 Norwegian kroner (about $140 – $310). The subscription plan entitles the user to access the SDK, online training and a support team. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by the user.

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What can be developed with the help of

Racing: The Norwegian Derby is the most famous horse race in the world and is held annually in April. The event is organized by the Royal Norwegian Racehorse Association and is one of the most popular events in the sport. Users can create apps to support races and participate in developing and testing new apps. Travel – The airline SAS is the most prominent airline in Scandinavia and one of the top five in the world. It is the national airline of Norway and one of the three leading flag carriers of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Travel around the city – Users can create apps to support the taxi and public transport systems in the town where they live or work. Ride a motorbike – The largest city in Norway, Oslo, is known for its bike lanes. Users can create apps to support the city’s bike lane and GPS-based navigation systems.

Wrapping up

The advent of the smartphone has empowered people to access information, take pictures, send texts, use GPS and much more. Besides, it has also created opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers, promote themselves and track their performance across the industry. This has led to a demand for mobile apps that can fulfil these functions. Many apps can help you with various parts such as weather, traffic, food, shopping, sports and other topics. However, the best apps can help you do so much more. The best apps can help you score points, increase your evaluation or even win awards. These are the top 5 best apps for businesses and individuals interested in marketing themselves and gaining a competitive edge in today’s market. 

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