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As a mobile and software development freelancer and consultant, Henrik Bolte leverage many years of experience to handle your project from beginning to end. My specialties include web apps and app development for iOS and Android, where I deploy a team to work on projects remotely.

My services

I can help you draw out all the design processes, implementation, and testing involved in completing an application, whether it’s via an iOS, Android, or cross-platform web. Besides these designs, I have comprehensive knowledge of hybrid and PWA app development software.

How do I Work

As an app developer with highly developed teamwork abilities and an innovative thinking style, I can assist business owners and start-ups in discovering the most innovative software development solutions. By applying my know-how to showcasing the best packages, I can also assist established businesses in seeking new opportunities.

I will make sure your requirements and dreams are delivered by making the necessary adjustments to guarantee a functioning, enhanced product, such as by making sure your device works well with the functioning of the resulting function or feature, functional improvement, and implementation, and on to the development of additional features and enhancements, enhancement of the design, and more.

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Custom app creation

Henrik Bolt a one-stop shop for inspired app creation services, ranging from turnkey solutions and personalized products to highly bespoke creations. If you want to collaborate closely with someone to spearhead your vision of an application for iPhone and Android, look no further.

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I’m experienced in developing cross-platform mobile apps across platforms using hybrid and PWA technologies. With my broad technological experience, I’ll put together mobile applications and web apps that are highly customized to meet your company’s precise needs.

App consultation

I will use my video game development expertise as your consultant to work with you on any project.

Your vision is my top concern, and I have the skills to assist with everything from feature development to designs, -export settings, bug fixes, and App Store and web app deployment.

Bug fixing

If you have issues with a program’s current performance, I can resolve them to ensure it does not fail and function properly.

Other app services

If you are having an issue regardless of what type of website you have, I offer app maintenance and upkeep help, along with plug-and-play app development. Here’s more information about my other trade-in products, including plugins and customizations.

Backend solutions

Regarding backend development, I’ve worked with companies of all dimensions, ranging from start-ups to multinationals, such as IBM Deutschland GmbH. I can help you in all aspects of backend engineering you need, including:

  • Integration of different data sources and databases into a single system.
  • Security and access control are administrator tasks between different services and devices.
  • Writing clean and maintainable code.
  • Across-platform functionality and compatibility of computer programs.

Capacitor plugin development

Suppose you need an app developer for the Capacitor plugin. In that case, I am experienced working across Android, iOS, and the web with Capacitor, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build aboriginal mobile apps from the ground up. Moreover, I offer native device APIs and functionality, working on the entire lifecycle, from research to continued support.

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As an experienced Capacitor user, I can design user-friendly mobile apps with built-in features and easily accessible native API access while providing businesses’ front- and back-end sites.


Henrik Bolte’sextensive experience in the industry allowed him to apply his technical knowledge at all times accurate. He was a highly motivated worker who willingly implemented innovative concepts and showed tremendous initiative in all he did. He is detail-oriented, maintains good organizational skills, and works carefully and efficiently.

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