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Android vs. iOS: How to decide which one is better?

iOS vs. Android has been a long battle that is still ongoing. These two heavyweights, as we know, dominate the mobile OS landscape now – no ifs or buts about that.

When Android has the highest market share word wide, iOS easily outsells others in enterprise environments. So, if you purchase a new smartphone, there is a high chance that it would be running any of these most popular OSs.

Now, the question is, which one should you purchase or which among them is made for you? A knotty problem, right? Choosing between these can be quite a prodigious task as both the entities have a diametrically opposite approach to what they do. Before deciding on one, there is a whole array of benchmarks to factor in and resolve.

My endeavor on this very day is to stack up the pros and cons of Android from Google against iOS from Apple and draw a conclusion.

iOS vs. Android: Breaking down the differences
iOS vs. Android: Breaking down the differences

iOS vs. Android: Breaking down the differences

Choosing between the two indeed depends upon the features and specifications you are looking for. But still, to make it not overwhelming, it is desirable you have good insights into how to handpick and put one into your CART.

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Let us take a step-by-step approach here and weigh the seemingly endless pros, and cons of each to better help you decide which one among the “iOS vs. Android” menu best suits you and your particular wish list.

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Ease of use

The UI of iOS devices is intuitive, maybe a bit more than Android and universal with no steep learning covers, which makes it a “Right for all solution”. Apple makes their devices as simple as possible so that the users can navigate through the menus with little to no effort. Not many features are stuffed into the UI, and the end-user does not have to mess around with some unnecessary functionalities. And so here, iOS wins.


We all know that the Android platform is open source and one of the biggest benefits of being open source is that it allows anyone to build anything on top of it to change its feel and look. Customization is hardly the case with iOS devices as Apple is adamant about the stable, consistent and closed experience they provide their users with. Curious why Apple does not offer anything much for the people who know the tech stuff well? This indicates that iOS is not for those looking for systems that are not bound to any limits.


Timely software updates are something that both parties offer, but when we zoom in and look closer, one can appreciate that iOS holds the upper hand here too. The Cupertino giant takes special care in launching consistent updates and security patches and making them available for all Apple-made devices as soon as they could.



Clutching the lion’s share of the mobile OS market, Android always wins the race, but when it comes to the matter of security, this perception makes Android the most alluring sitting duck in the eyes of invaders. Another overlooked reason for Android’s security deficit is that Google is more lenient than Apple in allowing apps to enter their app stores. So, here iOS is the more security freak guy! It is no wonder that it sets the standard as the #1 choice for enterprise despite Android constantly trying to change the equation.

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App availability

Many moons ago, iOS was just bewildering the newcomer Android with its thriving ecosystem of applications. However, the latter came up with its own marketplace, the Google Play, though it does not showcase many work-savvy apps, to stand cheek by jowl with its more grown-up rival. But one thing remains unchanged, Apple’s quick and swift delivery of updates to the live apps, which is slightly better than Android.

Developer features

What iOS offers, you love them or hate them, are little for developers compared to the focus, experience and room for growth Android arguably offers for the tech-savvy user base.

Vendor support

Unlike Apple, whose iOS is only for the devices they make themselves, Android OS, again due to its open-source nature, is internationally available and is supported by most heavy hitters in the manufacturer landscape.


Some manufacturers do not look after the life of batteries and other long-term features well, which means that all Android devices are not long-living like iOS. The much better life expectancy of iOS devices is due to the hardware and software optimizations Apple makes to squeeze good battery life in spite of using sleeker batteries.


Finding proper accessories for your Android devices is far from difficult when iOS devices offer decent standards to make sure that iPhone users never encounter trouble with that.


No doubt that Android offers everything well at a fraction of the price as with iOS, but whether you are really getting bang for your buck is a vital thing to consider. I am not demotivating you, seriously!

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iOS vs. Android: Which one to finally choose?
iOS vs. Android: Which one to finally choose?

Final thoughts

All being well, you have got a clear checklist of some essential factors you should take into consideration before the snap up.

I understand that this is not the final conclusion I am supposed to end up with. What you wanted me to do was a judgment on the iOS vs. Android war of words. But how can I be of help when both sides have close to an equal number of upsides and downsides?

The decision solely depends upon your use case, and if it is for enterprise use, I can say iOS has one or more extra perks, so I can wholeheartedly suggest you go along with the current and grab an iPhone.

If it is the general case and you are hanging in the balance, just sit back, relax, go through my guide and follow your soul; it knows the way! You would most probably end up buying the one that in no way frustrates or disappoint you on the go.


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