Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Panessa Studios: Riddles

“A visual artist with burning ambition: Show he made movies before he was ignited.”

Take a right when you are in Stage A and go into the small office. To solve the problem, scan the poster/trophy box here.

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“You?” Are you a father figure? Don’t laugh at me. Overwork can cause you to break your staff.”

You will need to save this one for the last part of the game. You’ll find Robin’s staff on the ground right in front of his cell when you return to Panessa Studios. To solve the puzzle, scan it.

“She and her love have separated, but she will keep the flames burning forever and ever.”

The Voice-activated Lock has located near the Stage A entrance. To open the door to the Joker shrine, hit it with your Voice Synthesizer. This is how to solve it.

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