Top 15+ Best Discord Themes for BetterDiscord You Must Try in 2022

What exactly is the Discord application? It is a Voice Over Internet Protocol application or software that allows peers to communicate with one another. This can be via text messages or emojis, voice messages, or other means. One of the drawbacks of the Discord program is that it doesn’t permit customization of its appearance and its internal components.

In a time when people are trying to enhance their user experience, whether through mobile or software and mobile apps, the reality that Discord cannot be altered or customized can cause an abundance of confusion among different users. This is especially true for the younger users, who mostly comprise college students and young adults.

However, all will not be lost. A BetterDiscord app is an enhanced version of the traditional discord app. It lets users customize the look, add plugins, and perform various actions which would not be feasible with the original Discord application.

It’s not as easy as they seem initially. The reason is that the BetterDiscord application is in violation of the end-user rules for Discord. Discord product. However, the majority of people who have tried BetterDiscord APK and BetterDiscord APK tend to agree that so long the modifications are made solely to enhance the appearance rather than the actual functioning, that is, Discord application, the software is not a problem.

The most popular Discord themes available for BetterDiscord tend to keep the fundamental functions of the software unaffected but make changes to the look and feel of the application and more user-friendly interfaces for users or clients. There is no doubt that there’s a collection of Discord themes released every month, and they are all safe and don’t cause any problems with Discord software.

Installing BetterDiscord

To get started with customizing themes or topics available on Discord, you need to download the BetterDiscord software on your Windows PC or Mac.

  • Click here to go through the GitHub page.
  • Click on download
  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the GitHub page and select the appropriate OS version being employed.
  • The download begins when the button is clicked, and the BetterDiscord application will be launched from the specified location. The installation will follow.
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Once the setup is completed, the BetterDiscord will be added to the system.

The real changes to the system will only be noticed after the computer is restarted is attempted. This is why it is advised to do this. In the end, the modifications from the older Discord application will be evident to the user.

Installing BetterDiscord Themes

Two steps are required involved in installing the BetterDiscord Theme on the computer. First, you must download the theme, and the other is to install the theme.

Downloading A Theme

  • Go into The BetterDiscord Themes Library
  • Select a theme you would like to apply.
  • Click download, and it will be downloaded.
  • Note down the location where the theme is downloaded. It is usually located within the Downloads folder.

Installing a theme

  • Launch the BetterDiscord app
  • Select User Settings
  • In the following screen, Click on Themes under Bandaged BD.
  • Choose Open Theme Folder
  • Copier, Paste the theme that was downloaded previously into the area that is shown.
  • The system then refreshes when you press Ctrl and R. The refreshed theme would not be displayed on the console, which is the BetterDiscord application’s primary one.

It is important to note that there’s a massive user base that wants to integrate Discord into their everyday life. There is likely to be an abundance of themes to pick from. When choosing a theme, take care to ensure it is safe to download a theme that doesn’t modify the basic features of the Discord application.

Below is a selection of the most popular BetterDiscord themes available to download. This list is not a specific order of rank, but it is a good representation of what you can do using the commonly available themes on the program.

The Black Hole Theme It is a popular theme for the younger customers of the BetterDiscord application. The primary image is of outer space, with planets and stars being highlighted throughout the theme. The dark backdrop allows an ideal viewing experience, especially in the evening.

With more than 35,000 downloads, it’s one of the most downloaded.

List of 20 Best Discord Themes for BetterDiscord

#1 The List Theme For Server List Theme

The theme lists the names of servers in a horizontal order towards high-up on the page. This theme has the advantage of being able to be combined with various other themes if necessary.

#2 The Mountain Site Theme

The theme in question is highly polished, with many options for customizing it. In addition, its operation theme is straightforward enough to be accomplished in just a few clicks of the mouse. The theme is, in essence, one of a mountain with the moon shining prominently over the top.

#3 The Frosted Glass Theme

If it’s the feeling of an opaque block glass that you’re aiming at and you are looking for a theme that is frosted, it is then Frosted Glass Theme is just the right choice for you. The actual background image can be selected based on preference to display with the user interface of frosted glass.

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The user has the option to alter the initial image based on their needs. Despite its simplicity, the application offers a range of customization options.

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#4 The server Columns Theme

The theme of the server column keeps every aspect of the interface for users the same, and only servers are displayed as columns. The grid is able to alter its appearance by altering the entry within the CSS file.

#5 A Basic Background Theme

With this hottest theme available on BetterDiscord, It is possible to alter virtually every aspect of your user experience. Just a mouse click will modify the background, and quickly too.

You can alter the transparency of the background and choose the color of the accent. The high volume of downloads indicates the popularity of this theme, as well as its simple operation.

#6 The Midnight User Interface

Despite having a few thousand downloads, this isn’t one of BetterDiscord’s most popular or most downloaded interfaces. However, it is praised for its simplicity in design, and the theme provides a great level of customization compared to the typical theme download.

#7 The Dark Theme

The theme was originally designed initially for initially designed for the Android operating system, and it’s now available to download on PCs and Macs as well. With over 24 thousand downloads, the theme is an extremely popular and well-liked theme that is used for daily use. It is important to mention that the theme that it’s compatible with various internet-based messaging applications.

#8 The Clear Vision Theme

With blue accents that are strong, The clear vision theme is for those looking to stand out from the crowd. But the color schemes are subdued enough to be able to be displayed. The site offers many options for personalization, including the shapes of the edges and background images, color accents, and more.

#9 The Nocturnal Theme

For those who want to get a darker black shade, the nocturnal theme is a perfect choice. A user-friendly forum for users will ensure that any glitches are easily fixed and offer support to anyone needing assistance at any moment.

#10 The Elysia Theme

The theme is renowned for its ease of customization compared to the possible customization level. It is possible to utilize an editor that can make modifications to the theme, which is quite a useful feature to have.

#11 The Akame_ka_kill theme

This theme could be one of the most modern themes available to download. It gives the user interface an elegant design, and at the same time, it ensures that users are not perplexed by the process.

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#12 The Radial Status Theme

What better way of presenting the icons than wrapping them around avatars? The theme of radial status has been one of the most well-known themes that are currently being used. The shapes and sizes of icons are customizable according to the user’s files.

#13 The Discord+ Theme

The theme is designed to balance the appearance with performance. It offers a separation that only a handful of themes provide the user. It helps tell a story on the timeline. A wide range of options makes this an excellent theme to keep around.

#14 The Dark Matter Theme

One of the top-rated themes of BettterDiscord users, The Dark Matter Theme, allows different styles to be applied to your user’s interface. It is a seamless way to make it easier to integrate plugins with the application the majority of the time.

There aren’t many themes that offer the number of downloads made possible by this theme, and it is still among the top downloaded themes as well.

#15 The Opera GX Gaming Theme

#17 GGO Kirito Theme GGO Kirito Theme

#18 Inumake Toge Inumake Toge

#19 The Translucent Theme

#20 The Lily Pichu Theme

Therefore, there appears to be a niche or theme for users on BetterDiscord. With the many developers and users making the experience more enjoyable, The themes are only going to become more and more exciting.

Frequently asked questions

Is BetterDiscord illegal?

Utilizing BetterDiscord is not illegal, so it is as long as the themes and the plugins do not modify the fundamentals of the program and the users are not engaged in any illegal activities.

Where can I buy BetterDiscord themes?

BetterDiscord themes are available to download through the site

Does BetterDiscord support adding new themes?

The settings are accessible, and the themes that have been downloaded are copied onto the folder.

Does Discord theme usage cause an account suspension?

Usually, using BetterDiscord themes doesn’t lead to a ban. However, in the event that the user is involved in altering the fundamentals of the software or engages in illegal activities, they could be exiled.


The inclusion of BetterDiscord is a way to add more flexibility to the application than could be possible without it. It keeps the user engaged in using Discord. Discord application and doesn’t result in boredom. You can personalize the app using themes and plugins, which makes Discord more valuable and beneficial for the user.

The bottom line is that it’s up to the user to decide the limitations of the program the user will use. The different options provide more access and potential modifications to the application rather than a complete overhaul of the application.

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