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Top 12 Best Games Like Among us Play Multiplayer Games in 2022

To help you search to find the top games similar to Among Us, we have listed the games available for Android, PC, Xbox as well as a web browser that has a few similarities in some ways to Among Us. Check the description to learn more about it.

The games are more enjoyable when players keep getting the latest mission and maps. If the player starts receiving the same maps or mission, it becomes dull. If the game isn’t getting regular updates, you should change to other games that could offer different missions or maps to explore.

Here, we’ve provided a list of the top Among Us alternatives that you could play. These games have similarities to Among Us. Therefore, without further delay, please take a look at the games that are similar to Among Us to play with your friends in 2022.

Top 10 Games Like Among Us to Try in 2022

Here are the most popular options Among Us that you can explore in 2022.

Top 12 Best Games Like Among us Play Multiplayer Games in 2022

#1 Werewolf Online – Best Games Like Among us

Werewolf Online is another Among Us similar game you can play in 2021. It is a game where you’ll experience a variety of gaming aspects. You must gather items to defend your village from threats. However, in the village, you’ll encounter a variety of liars, which makes the game difficult for you. There can be up to 16 players playing the multiplayer game.

The team with the longest standing who has eliminated all lying or traitors is the winner of the round. This game is only for Android and iOS players.

#2 Secret Neighbour – Games Like Among us

The Secret Neighbor is the multi-player version of the horror stealth title, Hello Neighbor. With Hello Neighbor, the player is required to enter the home of their suspect neighbor to discover what grotesque things he’s hidden. Secret Neighbor expands on that concept by allowing a variety of players to join in the game’s fun.

The kids are neighbors who have to sneak into the home of their neighbor to get one of their peers. They accomplish this by stealing keys to the basement that are scattered around the Neighbor’s house. You can imagine that one of them really is the neighbor disguised and must stop others from entering his basement and capturing the keys.

Contrary to Among Us, getting found out as the neighbor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s done. The neighbor has the option to alter their appearance and even change their username. Because the most effective way to gain access to access to the key is for players to separate and then split up, there’s always the possibility of the neighbors to hide themselves to catch the players of the kids off guard.

Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor is thrilling and thrilling asymmetrical horror game suitable for players of all different ages. Simple rules and a distinctive art style make it an game that is sure to be attractive to those who enjoy thrillers that are action-based.

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#3 Hidden in Plain Sight

The list of the top games similar to Among Us is incomplete without the Hidden in Plain Sight game. It is among the most popular games similar to Among Us, which you will take part in. Two or four players play this game. You have to complete specific tasks in order to draw attention from others. You must mix with AI characters in order to complete the task assigned to you. When you complete the task, you have to eliminate others without being recognized by other gamers.

It has a variety of game types of play, such as Death Race and Elimination, where you must put yourself in a position that will allow you to stay safe and draw attention. If you are looking for a game similar to Among Us that you can play with your friends, this is the game to take part in.

#4 Deceit – Games Like Among us

The idea behind Deceit was evidently influenced to some extent by the Saw horror film. Six of the characters have been kidnapped by a mysterious person referred to by the name of Game Master. They awake in the basement of an abandoned asylum. They must collaborate to reach an exit located on the upper floor. The problem isthat two of them have contracted an extremely dangerous virus.

Infected players appear and behave as healthy athletes -at least while the lighting is on. Blackouts are common during a game, engulfing the hospital with darkness, transform the Infected into terrifying beasts that run at unnatural speeds. If they consume blood bags they are able to take innocent players out within a matter of seconds.

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The multiplayer terror is thrown into chaos after the lighting goes off, as players race to gather fuse holders to turn on the lights and the Infected are scrambling to find blood bags in order to consume Innocents and be victorious in the game. The real challenge lies in the quiet moments between blackouts. Did she take out the camera to protect herself from the Infected before the inevitable blackout comes or are they trying to shield the infection from Innocents?

In contrast to other games with social deduction which start slow, Deceit is a game that has players who are launching accusations immediately. If a third of players in your group are against you, there is an explanation for every move. Within Us players who have the capacity for real horror ought to give the devil the benefit of the doubt.

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#5 Town of Salem

The Town of Salem is among the most played games like Among Us. It can be played on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. Over 8 million people download it because it’s one of the most popular strategy games. In contrast to many other titles, this one has a multiplayer mode that can be played that can accommodate as many as 15 people.

The other games do not give players the option of choosing the character they want to play; however, in this game, you can choose from 33 characters. The game that is based on Among Us has a greater scope and vision. The game is played by town residents (good guy) Mafia Serial Killer Arsonist, neutral.

#6 – Ideal Games Like Among us

Next on the list of top games similar to Among Us is The game is played on any platform, and there is no limit to the game’s playability. It is possible to play on a PC and mobile phones and, in addition, you can play the game using your browser. The game isn’t available on iOS devices. However, it will be available according to the statement of the developer.

This is a similar game to Among Us to play with your friends. The game is similar to Among Us in idea, but it’s much more difficult than alternative Among Us alternative games. You can play the game with your pals and finish the task.

#7 Triple Agent

Triple Agent is another game that has a similar concept of deceitful strategies. It is like Among Us. It is accessible for Android as well as iOS devices. Anyone who enjoys betrayal, bluffing and social deduction will surely enjoy this game. The game is played on only one device, making it among the top games similar to Among Us as other similar games. Among Us requires every player to play with their personal device.

On one device, more than nine players can take part in the game. Each session lasts 10 minutes, with each player assigned various roles and responsibilities that they must adhere to. The game is played out in which you have the option of being either a service agent or double agent, virus. It is your responsibility to create doubt in the game and disclose suspicious votes to discover the person who committed the crime.

#8 Krimi

If you’ve participated in Murder in Honk Kong, you will definitely understand the game very easily. If not, you are able to learn quickly in just two rounds. In this game, there are up to 12 players who are allowed to play. However, that is not required. The minimum number of players in the game is 5. It requires detective skills since you must identify the person responsible for the murder. To determine who is responsible, you will need to answer questions about the scene of the crime. Each participant will have one chance to identify the perpetrator. In addition to providing the name of the killer, the player is required to provide details and proof about the perpetrator.

#9 Midnight

A midnight is an excellent option for Among Us as it offers the same gameplay. Midnight isn’t a traditional board game where you are seated and ask questions in order to locate the person who imports. The game is played when every participant is assigned a role as a hacker or as an agent. Agents must find hackers before they cause interruption, while hackers must create chaos. The gameplay and graphics as an overall experience, making it an ideal alternative. The most appealing aspect of it is the fact that it’s not like other imitation games.

#10 Undercover – Best Games Like Among us

The final game in the list of top games similar to Among Us is Undercover. It is a local-based game that requires at least 3 players, although you are able to have more. The game also includes the element of concealing identity. To play the game, all you require is a smartphone and at most three team members. If you’re looking for a fun social deduction game, then this is the ideal Among Us alternative game.

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The game is played out in which roles are split. The roles are civilian and undercover or undercover, or Mr. White. The games begin after you have completed an assignment, and after finishing the task, you provide clues about the potential of the person you believe to be a traitor. It is an Among Us like game and is fascinating, and you must certainly give it a shot.

#11 Enemy on Board – Games Like Among us

Enemy on Board is another multiplayer game, similar to Among Us. The game lets you form a team with up to eight players, and out of the eight players, six will be the crew members, and the remaining 2 are selected to be alien imposters. The members of the crew must identify the fakes and kill them to end the game.

The imposters from another dimension can remain with the player and make it harder to distinguish. The game continues, and the team members cannot talk to each other, making it more difficult for the player to stay alive and recognize the fakes. The game’s theme and gameplay make it a great choice on the list of top games such as Among Us.

#12 Unfortunate Spacemen – Games Like Among us

In the game Unfortunate Spacemen In Unfortunate Spacemen, up to 16 players cooperate to complete a variety of tasks that are scattered across the map. The problem comes when one them is actually a toothy alien creature disguised as a human. Are you familiar with the story?

The main difference that sets this apart from Among Us: the Crew are able to defend themselves. If you’re sure whom is the Alien Imitator is, so why should you wait for an appeals court to throw them out? Get your guns ready and blast them into pieces to make a quick win. Of obviously killing the wrong person could mean that you’re doing the work to them, and it may cause suspicions that it’s you that’s next to be cut down.

To keep the experience exciting and unpredictable players and mutants can be equipped with four or more perks that add some excitement and variety to each new game. Some of the perks for mutants can be game-changing, and provide new methods to kill your crew members such as those with the Acid Monster mutation, which allows you to throw toxic bile at other players. Being able to recognize and adapt to the builds of other players is vital if wish to remain alive.

If you’ve ever wondered if Among Us suffered from a significant absence of alien blasting, Unfortunate Spacemen has the shooting, face-tearing action you’re looking for.

#13 Town of Salem

The Town of Salem is a social online deduction game where players are assigned randomly to one of a variety of teams. The team wins when they have eliminated any opposing players from the game by getting a majority support the execution of them or taking special actions to kill them.

To make things more interesting To make things more interesting, certain players play “roles,” each with distinct actions or unique win conditions. For instance the Medium could communicate with dead players in the night, while the Jester is able to win by persuading everyone to hang the jester. There are a myriad of roles and their specific actions differ so that no two players will play the game in the identical approach.

The players start with little or no information regarding the identities of others in the game. The fun is discovering who’s who, and using chats to provoke a sense of communal anger against the people you wish to be dead.

Town of Salem may appear to be a bit complex initially It’s not, but it’s just one game to grasp the basic understanding of how it works. People who were enthralled by the tricks and deceit in Among Us will appreciate the delightful deceit in the Town of Salem.

# 14 Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a tabletop game played at parties where at least 10 participants team up to establish liberal policies that can end the spread of fascism. But the title implies, some players are actually Hitler himself as well as his fascist supporters. they’ll be working in secret to promote fascist policies and block liberal ones.

Players alternate as the President. He chooses a Chancellor to whom the other players will vote on. If the vote is approved the President draws three cards of policy (which could be either fascist or liberal) and then gives two of them to Chancellor. The Chancellor decides on between the two policies they’ll implement.

Secret Hitler is all about sweet talks and subterfuge. Therefore, every good match can eventually turn into a flurry of finger-pointing. Is the Chancellor inflicting liberal policies simply because they’re liberal or are they a fascist in the long-term con? The President has just handed you two policies that are fascist to implement Did they draw three fascists cards, or are they compel you to put one on the table to make you suspect?

#15 Barotrauma

The game of treachery is part of the equation for the majority of the games listed on the list such as Among Us. You are aware that there’s an undercover group who are trying to undermine their efforts entire team. Barotrauma differs in the sense that it doesn’t need to encourage deceitthe players are willing to take part in an act of sabotage by themselves.

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The game is set in the ocean on Jupiter’s moons, Barotrauma entrusts the teams up to 16 operating a submarine within an underwater world populated by enormous, Lovecraftian horrors. The contact with these creatures could damage your vessel and cause leaks in the equipment and springs to fail. All players need to collaborate to plug holes, remove water out of the sub and maintain the vessel in good working in good working order.

When things get out of control, and small errors turn into catastrophic errors, tensions between players will increase and blame is transferred around like hot potatoes. There are also players who have no intention of helping or helping others, and those who love the satisfaction of causing a riot among other players. Recognizing and dealing with the trolls is another thing on the list to tackle.

Repairing and piloting this submarine Barotrauma can be a little like working through a never-ending task list to complete in Among Us. The relationships and components will be destroyed by the stress, but it’s the whole point of it all.

#16 Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within uses virtual reality technology to recreate the thrilling fun social aspect of a classic game called Werewolf on the internet. Many people have gone missing in the dark and the residents of Gallowston must unite to hunt down and defeat the werewolves within their own midst.

The players are assigned roles randomly at the beginning of the game. They are able to get specific information about the other players. Every day, the community must debate the clues they’ve discovered to discover who’s murdering the inhabitants of Gallowston. The problem is that you don’t know who’s speaking the truth.

The majority of the games in this list were inspired from Werewolf and Mafia to a certain degree, often with a very modified rules. Werewolves Within is a simple game and lets the players can spend more time talking (and playing) instead of playing with the various roles and clues.

Werewolves Within recreates a real-life gaming experience for people who have never had the pleasure of meeting in real life, using incredible technology. The tracking of position works with a sophisticated animation system that alters the way the avatars’ movements are according to volume and voice inflection. This brings a real-life feel to the campfire-style format.

If you are a fan of social deduction games and you own an VR headset There’s no game out there that’s more engaging as Werewolves Within.

#17 Project Winter

Project Winter is another game similar to Among Us which is based on trust, betrayal, and survival. Similar to Among Us offers crewmates to accomplish specific tasks in this game. You have to collect resources, fix structures and complete a set of tasks to increase your strength.

However, keep in mind that there are those who have slipped into your group and may gain your trust and use it to harm your team. They may infect your group with deceit about your team members and put survivors up against one another. In terms of the theme, Project Winter seems a good option for Among Us.

Additionally it is different from Among Us where you only receive a text chat feature and you cannot chat with the voice chat feature that allows for proximity. In addition, Project Winter is an 8-player game which means this is a fantastic game. In conclusion, if you’re looking for games like Among Us featuring social deception and survival, Project Winter is an apt option.

#18 Hidden in Plain Sight

The Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of local multiplayer stealth parties mini-games developed by a solo creator Adam Spragg. Each mini-game is built around the same idea of blending into a group of NPCs and not be taken in. Each player is assigned an assignment to finish however they must accomplish it without embarrassing their own. Each player is equipped with a gun which can be employed to eliminate one person from the group.

The various game modes are fast and enjoyable, and are designed to trigger intense situations of inner conflict. What speed can you go to achieve your goals without making your actions evident to other players? Would it be worth putting the only weapon you have on this suspect person?

Gaming online is amazing however much of the rawness and excitement is lost when you’re playing on the screen. The local multiplayer feature in Hidden in Plain Sight lets you watch every breath, tension in the shoulder or an involuntary blink. The players from Among Us who want something to do with real-life friends will love the mini-games that are available in Hidden in Plain Sight.

Final Words: Best Games Like Among Us to Try in 2022

When you look at the previously mentioned list, you will have decided the game you wish to play the next time. There are some aspects identical to that of the Among Us game. We hope we’ve provided you with the most suitable alternative to the game Among Us. For more tech-related content, subscribe to our newsletter, so you aren’t left out of any news from us.

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