4 Best Korean Kodi Addons in 2022 – Watch Now

If you love seeing movies online, then Korean Kodi addons are the best sources for you. Kodi is a remarkable service to see films and TV dramas online easily. But for Korean drama fans, K-pop fans have not had enough Kodi addons options. On a recent day, I started watching Korean dramas, and I found some of the best Korean Kodi addons to watch. All these Kodi addons are free, but the development community does not support them so that we don’t have diversity for Korean addons. To solve this problem, we have done some research work to find the best Kodi addons for Korean content that provide the best content in a regular interval. 

List of 4 Supreme Korean Kodi Addons You can Watch in 2022

#1. Netflix- Best Korean Kodi Addon

4 Best Korean Kodi Addons in 2022 - Watch Now

If you seek the best Kodi add-on to watch Korean movies and dramas, then Netflix is one of the best options. Netflix has various types of content and also provides top-rated streaming video content. Netflix offers new content regularly. You can watch the latest content every week. But it is not a free streaming service, and you have to buy a paid plan to watch movies and TV Shows on Netflix. They provide a different kind of plan which is not costly for movie and TV lovers. You access a lot of video content in one Kodi addon. 

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Everyone knows that Netflix has various types of content like movies, TV shows, dramas in every region around the world. When you use Netflix, they provide a list of top-rated shows, so you need not waste your time finding the best movies and shows to watch. If you want to see the famous Korean shows on Netflix, I will share a few of the best shows you can watch first. 1. Forgotten, 2. Train to Busan, 3. 26 years, 4. Rampant, 5. Lucid and more movies or TV Shows are available on Netflix. 

Github is the best option to get a Netflix addon for Kodi. You can install and enjoy many Korean Movies and  TV shows with just one click. 

#2 Viki – Famous Korean KoDi Addon

If you are a fan of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese movies and TV shows, Viki is a great option. In Viki, they primarily provide content in these languages. They also provide international content, but when we talk about a massive amount of movie content, then Viki has a wide range of Korean and other Asian content. Viki has a collection of lots of films and tv shows. You don’t feel bored here. 

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If you are an enthusiast to watch Korean movies and TV shows, Viki provides many movies and dramas for free. They are not taking any charge to watch movies online despite some restrictions so that you can join Viki Pass Plus. The Pass Plus service also provides you more movies and shows to watch online. Rakuten is the owner of the service, and millions of people are watching it. 

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#3 Youtube – Most Popular Korean KoDi Addon

Youtube, this app does not need any type of introduction everyone knows about it. Youtube provides top-rated video streaming in the world. They have a large number of collections in movies, dramas, and TV shows in every region. Youtube also has a variety of content in the Korean language. So you can quickly get Korean content. But youtube has one major problem: you can’t see the newest movies and TV dramas here. There are lots of channels that provide Korean content, but these contents are mostly old. By using youtube premium services, you can access all Korean movie content easily.

Youtube can not provide a dedicated Korean movie and tv shows service, but it absolutely has good content to watch Korean movies and shows.

#4 ICDrama – Well-known Korean Kodi Addon

Are you a Korean Movies and TV shows lover? Here is another alternative for you to watch Korean films. ICDrama has a lot of Korean drama content. But, this streaming service also provides other countries. You can watch other language movies in Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hongkong. But ICDrama’s primary focus is to provide movies and TV shows from Korea. 

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ICdrama is a trustworthy and fast Addon. With the help of one click, you enjoy all video streams. Using this addon, you can get new TV Dramas and Films from time to time. They provide new content every week. If you are eager to watch Asian countries’ movies and TV Shows online, you get this add-on now.

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After seeing many Kodi add-ons, I found these are the best and trustworthy add-ons to watch Korean movies and TV shows. If you are a true lover of Korean drama, try these add-ons and enjoy watching films. These all addons support HD content with subtitles. That’s all from my side. If you have any queries regarding these Korean add-ons, ask me in the comment section. I will reply to you.

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