Top 14 Best Pushbullet Alternatives In 2022

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to transfer files between electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets is through Pushbullet. Pushbullet is an application that synchronizes and connects a variety of electronic devices together to share media files such as mp3, mp4, web pages, and links with optimum safety as it also provides end-to-end encryption for transferring data securely. It runs and controls your mobile notifications, text messages, phone calls by redirecting them to your computer. 

Since the application is not free (Pushbullet Pro version is priced at $4.99 per month), many people are not able to avail it and thus tend to rely on alternatives of Pushbullet. Some of the other appropriate and efficient alternatives to the Pushbullet application are listed below.

List of 14 Best Pushbullet Alternatives

#1 Crono – Best Pushbullet Alternative

Crono is a productivity application that lets you connect your mobile phone notifications to your browser. It also helps you control and manage actions on them. Thus the application copies your phone notifications to the browser, therefore, minimizing the need to check your phone. Moreover, it also helps keep a track of online meetings. This application uses an outstanding user interface which makes the work pretty easy. It also displays the call notification, but one cannot answer the call, rather decline it with an instant message. This is the best alternative to Pushbullet.

Availability and Accessibility: Android, Windows, macOS, Web (Free)

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#2 EasyJoin

EasyJoin is another free application popular in the tech world. It also has a pro version available with additional benefits and features. This application allows you to share files, folders, texts, links, notifications and clipboard. One of the most exceptional features of EasyJoin is that it does not require internet access. The application displays desktop notifications. Easyjoin is one of the most widely used Pushbullet Alternative

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Availability and Accessibility: Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web      (Free)

#3 MightyText – Ideal Pushbullet Alternatives

MightyText is an application for Android users. While using your own phone number, you can send texts from your computer and tablet. It has both free and paid versions available. There is a limit of 500 text messages per month available in the free version, whereas one can plan and programme messages, without any limitations on messages, free of advertisements, and synchronize over 100GB media files in the paid version, which has a variety of more features. In order to acquire the pro version, you need to pay $9.99 per month. MightyText enables a way to stay connected with friends and family as it efficiently displays incoming calls and caller information on the computer screen. 

Availability and Accessibility: Android (Free) and Windows (Free)

#4 AirDroid – Best Pushbullet Alternatives

AirDroid is a quick and fast application that helps you control your tablet or mobile phone from a web browser. It helps to manage individual devices, media files and text messages from the computer. It also enables us to exactly mirror and replicates our device to a computer. But, the major limitation of the AirDroid application is that it does not share links and does not provide the feature of copy and paste. Premium subscription of the application is priced at $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Airdroid is the best Pushbullet alternative when it comes to UI.

Availability and Accessibility: Android, iOS, Window, macOS, AirDroid Web (Free)

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#5 Snapdrop

Without even downloading the application, Snapdrop is the easiest and most efficient application to share any file on any programme, just by visiting the website. It is an open-source, web platform that allows sharing data regardless of the platform of the devices. In order to share data, one has to make sure that both the devices are connected to the same internet connection. Once the same connection is ensured, one can visit the website and start sharing files. The quickest alternative to pushbullet.

Availability and Accessibility: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Web (Free)

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#6 ShareMe (MiDrop)

It is one of the most popular file transfer applications available on playstore. This application permits sharing a huge variety of data through WiFi or even without it. Initially the application could only share data between Android devices, but later the application was upgraded and improved to share media files between computers and smartphones. It is a quick and fast application as it does not display advertisements in between the transfer process. On the computer, you can access all the shared data and media files successfully and smoothly. 

Availability and Accessibility: Android (Free)

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#7 KDE Connect – Top Pushbullet Alternatives

KDE Connect is a free application that permits all the devices to communicate and interface with each other and also enables sharing data and media files over different platforms. It allows you to receive phone’s notifications on the desktop and reply to messages, use the phone as a remote control for the desktop, manage music playing on the desktop from the phone and browse the phone from the desktop including checking the battery level of the mobile from the desktop.  

Availability and Accessibility- Linux (Free)

#8 Bridge (Mirror Notification)

As the name suggests, the Bridge application bridges all the Android devices and desktop together. Though it does not allow the use of features such as call support or transferring files like other applications, it does the main task of displaying notifications and replying to messages. The notifications will be cleared from the smartphone, once it has been checked on the application. Since it is a web-based portal, security is not compromised. Unlike other popular applications, the Pro version of the Bridge application is comparatively cheaper and affordable as it is priced at $3.99 for a lifetime subscription. 

Availability and Accessibility: Android, Web (Free)

#9 Your Number – Best Pushbullet Alternatives

My Phone: Windows Companion is one of the newest Windows applications you can download. The most appealing feature of Your Phone is that Microsoft creates it. You can control text message notifications, Skype Microsoft Edge Notification, look up gallery photographs etc., via Your Phone. For this application to work, users must get the Your Phone app on Windows as well as the Your Phone Companion app on Android.

#10 Yappy

Yappy is another excellent Pushbullet alternative that syncs messages from phones as well as contacts and galleries. In addition, Yappy could also reply to text messages or respond to phone calls directly from your PC. It’s even more fascinating is its YAP mode, which allows the users to make encrypted texts. While Yappy cannot provide important features, like an actionable notification, it does not limit the number of messages sent via the computer.

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#11 Send Anywhere

If you’re seeking an easy to use but powerful application that can transfer data from Android to PC or Android or vice versa, then the Send Anywhere app could be the right choice for you. What’s the catch? Similar to Pushbullet Like Pushbullet, Send Anywhere can also allow users to transfer multiple files with ease. The best part about Send Anywhere is that it is available on all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

#12 Pushline

Pushline is like the Pushbullet application and operates using an Android app and Chrome browser. To access Pushline, users must install the Pushline app on their mobile and the Pushline extension in the chrome browser. When connected, Pushline mirrors all phone notifications to the PC. The best part is that Pushline can also allow users to swap notes, share links to accept calls, send SMS messages, etc.

#13 Portal – Best Pushbullet Alternatives

With Portal, it is easy to browse and share files on your phones. The problem is that Portal does not allow users to make or receive calls using a PC. However, it allows other tasks like transferring individual files, several folders or files simultaneously. To utilize Portal users, they must install and download Portal on their smartphones and the Chrome extension.

#14 Join by Joaoapps

If you’re looking for an Android application that lets you perform tasks remotely from your PC, you must give Join by joaoapps trial. What’s the catch? With Join by joaoapps you can send SMS messages using any browser on the internet with Google Account. In addition, Join by joaoapps provides remote writing, file sharing and clipboard sharing and more.

These are the most effective free alternatives to Pushbullets that you can try right now. Hope this post was helpful to you! Please share it with your friends as well. If you have alternative Pushbullet alternatives, please let us know in the comments box below.

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