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Top 10 Best Shareit Alternatives for Computer in 2022

SHAREit alternatives for PC are difficult to locate on Google because you will see a lot of results from searches; however, to make it easier for you to navigate through that process, we’ve filtered the top 10 programs like SHAREit, which you can utilize and share easily.

SHAREit is a cost-free and efficient tool for the sharing of data from one computer to another. It’s compatible with all operating systems, which means that every user can download and install it, in addition to relying on the standard and default choices that aren’t as efficient. This software is a fantastic option for sharing, but If you are looking to explore additional options beyond sharing files, then you have to find SHAREit-like programs for PC.

We’ve listened to you, and for your convenience, we’ve provided the most effective alternative that can be used for many different purposes other than sharing files. Please don’t waste time; we will take an overview of programs and the services they offer.

List of 10 Best SHAREit Alternatives for PC in 2022

Find alternatives to SHAREit for your PC below, with all features and options.

Top 10 Best Shareit Alternative for Computer in 2022

#1 Xender – Best Shareit Alternative For PC

Xender is among the most frequently used applications like SHAREit on PC. It doesn’t require much of your computer since it works with most mobile and PC versions. It is easy to share images, videos, music as well as documents using Xender. The greatest thing is that the program runs extremely fast, and in a short time, you can share files. It was first released in the year 2015 and, since then, it has received regular updates that aid users have a better experience.

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#2 Zapya

Zapya is a different app that functions similarly that SHAREit that works on computers. It might not be as popular as others, but it’s a huge success in sharing large files. The program can share large files quickly, and others provide the option of sharing files only. No matter the size of the files, it is possible to share them on any device you like. Zapya works with the majority of the PC and mobile versions.

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On mobile phones apps, you need to make shaking gestures to connect to other devices. Once connected, you are able to select the files you want to share. This process involves two simple processes to move files.

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#3 Send Anywhere – Shareit Alternative For PC

Our first choice of SHAREit alternatives to Windows includes Send Anywhere. It is an excellent rival since it is an extremely popular application for sharing folders and files easily. By using the software allows you to easily share any major file type, such as images, documents, music videos, and more. In contrast to other file-sharing software, it comes with the option to secure your entire collection of files by using encryption. The files will only be opened when the passcode has been completed correctly, which means nobody other than the receiver and sender is able to open the files.

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#4 SuperBeam

As the name implies, this is a fast program for sharing files. Its speedy nature has enabled it to gain second place in our SHAREit-like applications for PC. The program runs very smoothly, and it is easy to connect devices with QR numbers or NFC as opposed to other applications that require pairing the devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly. The greatest benefit of this SHAREit alternative on PC is the fact that you do not need to download the program. If you’re looking to transfer files, you can continue using internet-based interfaces and free up space on your computer.

It keeps track of every transfer and allows you to view them all within history. In addition, it supports all formats of files, including APKs, audio videos, images, and documents. It is possible to transfer files quickly with SuperBeam effortlessly, regardless of how big the files are.

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#5 ShareAll – Best Shareit Alternative For PC

On our following listing of alternative SHAREit computers is ShareAll. have ShareAll. This is a great program as it lets you share all your photos and music, audio document, APK, and other files. The program gives you 300 times more speed than traditional Bluetooth transfer. This means that you can transfer all your files in just the time of a few minutes.

The best part is that you can transfer files even without a connection to the internet. The program keeps your files secure and gives you password protection to ensure double security. In addition, other features can aid you in understanding the value. Look over the pros section for more details.

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#6 Windows Nearby Sharing – Best Shareit Alternative For PC

Windows Nearby Sharing is among the most effective SHAREit alternatives for PCs, and we have Windows Nearby sharing. This is the default tool that all new Windows users are provided with. Utilizing the tool, you are able to share files with other Windows PCs easily. It is similar to the other options for SHAREit on PC. Although it is a Windows tool, I could not be able to find the app on smartphones. In order to share using this tool, both devices require to be connected to that same WiFi.

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#7 File By Google (Mobile)

Google is known as the best and well-known name in the field of applications and software for desktop and mobile. In our list of software such as SHAREit for PC, we’ve got the entry of Google. Google File Google File is a great program that can share files and receive them. With the application, you can easily share files across diverse domains, including music, videos, applications, and documents. To share files, you don’t need an active internet connection. it is able to work without the internet.

The most appealing aspect of the SHAREit alternative for Windows is that it is completely free of ads and other interruptions. It stores your folders and files organized in a specific way to make it easy to discover them when you need them.

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#8 AirDroid – Shareit Alternative For PC

AirDroid is an excellent shareit alternative apps for your PC, as it provides solutions for personal, business, and remote accessibility. With the application, you can quickly connect to your mobile device to perform many tasks on your PC with just. The task list can also include sharing files since the program can be used with all operating systems. You can transfer files from one device to the other in a flash. If you’d like to transfer files without installing software, then it is possible using AirDroid Web.

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#9 Feem – Best Alternative of shareit

Next SHAREit alternatives to Windows alternative for Windows is Feem. It lets you share files without servers, networks, or restrictions. While the speed of this software isn’t the fastest compared to other software, it will certainly provide faster speeds than Bluetooth. Its speed is fifty times better than Bluetooth, which requires an additional connection or server to share. The most appealing part is that you can stop and restart the transfer at any time and from wherever you’d like. The software is not limited to the transfer to a specific time or location.

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#10 Instashare – Shareit Alternative For PC

Instashare is an ideal tool for any user, no matter if you’re new to sharing files or have been doing this for a lengthy time. It has a simple interface that is quickly understood and used. It’s easy to share files regardless of the type. You can share audio, music pdf, documents as well as other kinds of files effortlessly.

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Conclusion: Best Shareit Alternative for PC in 2022

If you’ve now looked over our list of top SHAREit alternatives for Windows, it is easy to determine the most suitable option and use it for sharing all your files within a matter of minutes. Every software we have listed on this list has distinct features and options that could appeal to you. The final program listed is accessible on mobile devices, but it’s likely to come out on PCs in the near future. If you have any comments or suggestions about the article, please share them in the comment section. We would like to hear from you.

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