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Top 10 Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows 10 in 2022

In this article, we’ve provided the best Windows Photo Viewer alternatives available for Windows 10. Please continue reading to learn details about these photo viewer options we have identified.

Photos have become an important part of our lives. They help keep the memories alive. We tend to snap every moment and memory on our phones and save them. Have you ever thought about what goes on behind each image preview that you view on your PC or laptop?

Numerous programs and software work both front and backend to provide the user with what they require. To allow the user to look at images on their laptops and computer, Windows offers a pre-installed software called Windows Photos Viewer. It is the default program however, it’s now obsolete as well as the marketplace has changed.
Nowadays, it is possible to use photos viewer software to browse photos, edit them and share them quickly.

The versatility of this software makes it easier for users to change from old and conventional software to the latest and more efficient software. Below we’ve provided a list of the most effective Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives which you can select for 2022. Therefore, without further delay, let’s take a look at the list.

List of 10 Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives For Windows in 2022.

Here are the top options in place of Windows Photo Viewer that you ought to consider using.

Top 10 Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows 10 in 2022

#1 XnView – Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows

The list is highly regarded and is one of the best Windows alternative photo viewers. The greatest benefit of this Windows photo viewer alternative is that it can handle many images at the same time. This is a rare feature that is not often seen in picture viewers. In addition, it is possible to browse through images and open through other images simultaneously without any issues.
Its feature on Windows image viewer can aid photographers as well as professionals who need to examine images side-by-side. You can also view details of the image in the same screen using the image viewer.

In contrast to other Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives, the one you choose can be used to show slideshows of photographs you’ve uploaded to the program. It is not necessary to transfer the photos into another software in order to launch the slideshow. This makes this one of the most effective options for Windows photo editors.

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#2 HoneyView

HoneyView is an alternative image viewer software that allows you to quickly open images and enjoy a more enjoyable experience than Windows picture viewer. The program doesn’t have many options but is adamant about providing superior performance while using a minimalist interface. If you’re one who enjoys simplicity and minimal interface, then the Windows 10 photo viewer can be a good option.

It loads images quickly, and you’ll not encounter any difficulties in the procedure of viewing images. It does include options like crop editing, rotation, and slideshow-like options that will assist you in adjusting the image to your personal preferences.

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If you want to save the image, you can use this alternative photo viewer. By bookmarking, you’ll be able to navigate your favourite images with ease effortlessly. This is a fantastic alternative to use instead of a Windows image viewer.

#3 ImageGlass – Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows

ImageGlass is a complete solution that covers all of your image viewing needs. It’s the top Windows photo viewer option because it provides the top features with the most simple interface. It has an elegant contemporary interface that a lot of people would like. In addition to providing an attractive interface, the program also has a great performance.

In contrast to other photo viewer alternatives that use a computer, this program is quick to display the image displayed on your screen. The photo viewer comes with an easy menu at the top that offers editing tools like redo, undo zoom in or out scale, crop, save, and many other options similar to make use of. The most appealing feature of the Windows 10 image viewer alternative is that it’s available to everyone for free, and they can use it with no restrictions.

#4 Restore Windows 7 Photo Viewer

If you wish to utilize your old image viewer application, you can easily do it. The image viewer included in Windows 7 is the most efficient and the best image editor available by Windows. For Windows 10, you can use the old photo viewer. All you have to be doing is to follow these easy steps to alter the settings.

You can download the registry and enable Windows Photo Viewer. Windows Photo Viewer. Then, you’ll grant permission to join the registry.
Press the Windows and the ‘I’ keys to open the settings.
On the following window, click on the Apps option.
In the menu left of the screen, choose the default Apps option. Then, select the ‘Choose default.’
From the menu, you’ll see Select the Windows Photo Viewer’s choice.
This is how you easily switch back to an old version of Windows picture viewer. The image viewer will not receive updates since the latest version is only available on Windows 10 that you have modified.

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#5 FastStone Image Viewer – Top Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows

If you’re searching for the top Windows photo viewer that can display the image on full screen, then this is the best software to choose. This is a blazingly quick software that gives you a variety of options for editing the image. Although some people utilize third-party software to edit your images, this software can assist you in doing it at no cost.

Using this Windows image viewer, you can easily edit, crop, and zoom images, make effects and use additional editing instruments. The tools are split into sections that include edit, color, and effects. Click the button to view more of the options.

If you’d like to alter the color, tone, or alignment, this is a simple task. Overall it’s a fantastic Windows 10 photo viewer alternative to explore.

#6 Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is known as one of the top Windows alternative photo viewers. It supports nearly all file formats, including the latest designs. Additionally, it can display HEIF images with no extension or add-on. It is a great option to test this photo viewer on Windows 10 instead of the previous photo viewer.

If you’re using professional software or tool, then it is possible to preview images with the Windows 10 photo viewer alternative. It is easy to resize and rename and convert the image into one type or another format. This software also comes with a built-in tool for screenshots which allows you to take snapshots of the entire screen. The feature list and user-friendly interface make it among the most effective software options to replace Windows image viewer.

#7 IrfanView – Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows

The final software that we have listed is IrfanView. It is regarded as one of the top image viewing applications that work on Windows. Anyone who is already using the standard Windows 10 photo viewer app will appreciate this photo viewer. This program is simply unique. It doesn’t require a second to show images.

The rapid performance of this program does not mean it is heavy software. It’s exactly the opposite. It only takes the equivalent of 3MB on your hard drive, and there’s no bloatware included within the program.

The most appealing aspect of this program is that it works with all major formats and provides various features for editing and converting. The features list includes zoom to zoom, switch, convert batch edit, and additional editing tools.

#8 Nomacs

Nomacs is another of the top Windows photo viewer alternatives you could test. It is a fast and no-cost Windows alternative for viewing images. The program keeps receiving updates to improve it and make it more efficient. In terms of previews, It takes no time to show you the preview. It is possible to open multiple images effortlessly without delay.

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The user interface for the Windows 10 image viewer alternative is simple. It is easy to locate the options and tools from the menu. The image viewer provides features to assist users in viewing images and a feature-rich editor. It is easy to edit photos using the program and then export them to any location.

The editor lets you zoom sharpen, crop, and batch processing, as well as the hue, opacity, structure, and saturation features which allow you to edit the image to suit your requirements. Overall, it’s an excellent free program to pick.

#9 JPEGView – Top Windows Photo Viewer Alternative For Windows

As the name implies, JPEGView can be described as an image-viewer that runs on Windows. It is a light software which is fast to display the images. This software is included in the top Windows photo viewer alternatives due to its lower use of space. It only takes 2MB of space off your drive.

The program is extremely easy to use and can be utilized by anyone. It can support JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and other important formats. In addition, it is an image viewer that is full-screen, you can change the mode of viewing according to your preferences.

This Windows image viewer allows you to correct color, fast navigate and enhance your image with ease. It also comes with an editing function for users. Additionally, you can rotate, slide show or cut the image and crop it. It’s an excellent alternative for Windows image viewers.

#10 123 Photo Viewer

Another great Windows alternative to a photo viewer is the 123 Photo Viewer. It’s a stylish photo viewer that works with Windows 10 and older versions. Contrary to other Window image viewers, this one is the most modern. It’s a significantly more efficient image viewer that comes with many editing tools.

The program’s interface is based on the fluid design language, which is compatible with the style that is characteristic of Windows 10. Along with every feature, it provides a range of shortcuts that can be utilized for seamless transitions. The most unusual feature offered by the Windows 10 photo viewer alternative is that it works with the Apple Live Photos. Overall it’s a fantastic program that is packed with features that anyone should not regret purchasing. We suggest that you test this picture viewer one time.

Let’s review the list of the Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives 2022

The prevously mentioned Windows photo viewer options are the most efficient in terms of speed and features. Each software comes with specific features that could be interesting to you. You can look over all the features before choosing the most suitable Windows alternative for photo viewing. We hope we’ve provided you with the most effective software for viewing photos. If we have, share your thoughts on this article. Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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