Clearing iPhone Memory: Ways You Can You in 2022

After buying a new iPhone, you are satisfied with how great it operates. But soon you notice that even slots at Casino Woo start running less smoothly. The reason is that there isn’t enough quality. These ways will help you solve this problem.

Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services can help you store, sync, and edit files without clogging your iPhone’s memory. By default, cloud storage services provide some storage space for free, but if you want to store a million photos and videos, you’ll have to pay for it.

Clearing Files From Messengers and Social Networks

Messengers and social networks take up almost all the memory on any device. You can use your iPhone to cancel automatic downloads of updates or set an application size limit. In the latter case, if the new versions will weigh a lot, the gadget will request permission to download. The path is as follows: “Settings” – App Store – “Automatic downloads”.

Clearing Unwanted Media Files

Photos and videos on iPhone are not deleted immediately, but first put in the trash, where they are stored for 29 days in case you change your mind and want to restore them. To completely delete media files, go to “Albums”, scroll down and find “Recently Deleted”, select unnecessary photos and click “Delete All”. Deleting a large number of photos in this mode can take a lot of time.

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You can also disable “iCloud Photos” and “Shared Albums”. In the first case, the media files are uploaded to all your devices that are linked to the same account. In the second, you can create shared albums with other users. These all clutter up the system, so you can disable them.

Deleting Unused Apps

One of the most obvious ways to clean up your iPhone is to simply delete apps you don’t use. For example, go to a restaurant and they give you a discount for installing their app. You may never visit the restaurant again, and the downloaded application will remain a dead weight. Running in the background and push notifications slow down your smartphone, and removing them can noticeably reduce the memory of your mobile device.

You can unload the app: all history, documents and data will be saved, but it won’t take up space. Simply tap the app once to unload it, and it will re-download from the App Store with your old data. You can also set up automatic unloading of unused apps.

Configuring Updates

New updates tend to weigh more, so uninstalling them (unless you don’t need them) will also help free up space on your iPhone. They’re downloaded to your device by default and stored until they’re installed.

If freeing up memory isn’t as important as getting fresh firmware, you can opt out of installing updates wirelessly. The fact is that this method downloads temporary files to the iPhone, some of which will then remain on it. To avoid this, install updates via iTunes. They are unpacked on your computer, and the temporary files are not downloaded to your gadget. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone via USB cable, sync it with iTunes and click on the little phone icon at the top. After that, go to the tab with information about the gadget.

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Apps for Clearing iPhone Memory

In addition to all of the above methods, you can also download special third-party apps. They will clean the iPhone from different garbage: remove unnecessary files, duplicate photos or the same phone contacts.

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

The application removes temporary and unnecessary files. There are backups of photos, music, reminders, notes and other files. Cisdem iPhone Cleaner also allows you to view large files, which helps to selectively delete them, and shows rarely used apps. The app is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iOS systems. The disadvantages are that the app requires a macOS computer – it is initially installed on macOS and then connects to the iPhone.

Smart Cleaner

If you’re tired of a million photos taken from one angle, this is the app for you. Smart Cleaner finds and removes similar photos, videos, Live Photos, and screenshots. What’s interesting, it will also find the same contacts in your phonebook and generally help organize it. There are also less obvious features. For example, you can hide photos and contacts in a special secure storage. Or add a widget to the screen that shows the charge level. This will not help in the memory cleaning, but in the economy if something comes in handy.

Clean Doctor

The app removes screenshots, similar photos and duplicate contacts. Besides, it can clean the calendar and reminders of past events. It provides backup for personal contacts and storage for them, as well as for photos and videos. Photos can also be hidden if you don’t want anyone to see them. There are several widgets: you can display the battery charge or folders and photos from the app’s storage.

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