Top 10 Best Currency Converter Apps for iOS and Android In 2022

Do you travel freakingly? You’ve probably been a victim of currency issues. If yes, here’s a peek at the most efficient currency converter applications that work on the platforms of Android as well as iOS. Have a look at these!

Hey! Are you fed up with working from home? Perhaps you’re in the process of waiting to receive your COVID-19 vaccination and, after having injected the vaccine, you are able to take off on your next adventure. However, no matter what it is, there’s always one thing that will make it difficult to enjoy your time, and it will be the currencies of a different country. It doesn’t matter if we’re traveling for a whole week or just a few hours between flights or anything else. Cash in the right amount is required when traveling to a specific nation, as per the specific currency used in the country.

This task isn’t as easy because we believe that technology can make everything simpler for us. Today, there are many top currencies converter apps available in the Google Play Store and App Store, which you can utilize to complete this thing of the past. So, without further delay, we’ll begin with the list! Without a doubt, it’s accurate.

List of 10 Top Currency Converter Apps For Android & iOS

Here at Tech Pout, we have created a list of the top currency conversion apps for Android and iOS. This list is full of useful applications for currency conversion that can be extremely beneficial when traveling abroad.

Currency Converter Apps

#1 Currency Converter – Exchange

If you frequently trade foreign currencies, then Currency converter exchange could provide a lot of help to you. This easy-to-use and light Money Exchange application provides straightforward conversion, not just for fiat currencies, but additionally DogeCoin, Bitcoin, and many more.

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Wherever you are, you can utilize this amazing app to get conversion rates up to three decimal degrees. One of the Best Currency Converter Apps For Android.

Core Features of Currency Converter- Exchange:

  • Real-time fluctuations in rates according to market trends.
  • In offline mode.
  • Plus, stores last update rates.

Download App: Android

#2 Exchange Rates

This app is very well-known because of its top-of-the-line features and options. With this top Currency Converter app, you will be able to determine the prices of foreign currencies and look up historical data, look up changes, or the different banknotes issued by various countries.

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You can find the conversion rates of nearly all currencies with this powerful Money Exchange App. If you’re looking for a free currency converter app, Exchanges Rates is the best choice.

Core Features of Exchange Rates – Currency Converter:

  • Modern design and technology can provide accurate information every minute.
  • It works flawlessly in offline mode.
  • It supports cryptocurrencies as well as tradable commodities.
  • It comes with a built-in calculator.

Download App: Android

#3 XE Currency Converter

Frequent travelers and businessmen trust this well-known currency converter exchange. It’s one of the most reliable and fastest conversion websites recognized for its accuracy as well as its services.

Make use of XE to keep up-to-date on the constantly changing rate of prices for precious metals as well as international currencies. The app works on Android as well as iOS devices. An integrated calculator provides live rates and works flawlessly in offline settings (ensure to download the rates prior to taking a break).

Core Features of XE Currency Converter:

  • Smooth money transfer.
  • Very competitive rates.
  • Let’s see a chart of rates.
  • Clean and simple to use User Interface that is simple and clean.
  • Equipped with an integrated calculator.

Download App: Android & iOS

#4 Easy Currency Converter

Complete with amazing features and options, “Easy Currency converter” certainly deserves its place among our selection of top Currency Converter Apps for Android as well as iOS. It lets you convert and determine the rates of exchange of currencies and precious metals as well as cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

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Core Features of Easy Currency Converter:

  • Allows you to convert and determine the exchange rates for 180 currencies.
  • Available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, German and more.
  • Historical charts of rates.
  • Create your list to get quick and efficient results.

Download App: Android & iOS

#5 Currency Converter

The next to our top list of the best Currency Converter Apps for Android includes a currency converter. This simple yet powerful app allows easy tracking of different currencies.

It’s loaded with numerous options that are extremely useful to business owners and traders. The only drawback of this app is that the app isn’t available to iOS users.

Core Features of Currency Converter:

  • Very beneficial to those who work in trade and business.
  • Also, it works offline.
  • Includes market trends comparison.
  • The results are displayed in graphic or pictorial formats.

Download App: Android

#6 My Currency Converter & Rates

With its simple and efficient functioning, “My Currency Converter and Rates” certainly deserves to be on our list of the top Currency Converter apps for iPhone. The app supports around 150 currencies around the world, as well as diverse metals and currencies.

Select this amazing Online Currency Converter tool today to enjoy precise results to up to 3 decimal points.

Core Features of My Currency Converter & Rates:

  • 100% compatible with iOS devices.
  • Powered by a simple but robust UI.
  • Exchange rates that fluctuate are automatically changed.
  • Provides accurate results.

Download App: iOS

#7 Amount – Unit Converter

Are you in search of an easy, lightweight, and reliable currency converter application? Amount Unit Converter could be the perfect choice for you. It can convert real-time to various currencies and various categories, including Density, Data Force, Frequency Angles, Area, Temperature, Power, and numerous others. It is, without doubt, one of the top tools for currency conversion that you can utilize while traveling.

Core Features of Amount – Unit Converter:

  • Allows for real-time conversion.
  • Results are presented in a graphic format.
  • The power of an advanced UI.
  • It can change currencies in a matter of minutes.

Download App: iOS

#8 All Currency Converter

You can get real-time exchange rates through this extremely powerful application. It’s one of the most popular applications for currency conversion on Android and allows more than 100 currencies. CAD Canadian Dollar, CHF Swiss Franc, EUR Euro, HKD Hong Kong Dollar, INR Indian Rupee, MXN Mexican Peso, THB Thai Baht, etc., are just a few of the currencies supported by it.

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The application is powered by a Tip calculator that gives an exchange rate table and converts currencies in just a few seconds.

Core Features of All Currency Converter:

  • Provides real-time exchange rates.
  • The power of empowerment by a Tip calculator.
  • Convert multiple currencies in just a few seconds.
  • Batch conversion is supported.
  • It provides updates on currency trends and charts.

Download App: Android

#9 My Currency Pro – Converter

Explore world currencies on your phone using My Currency, Your ideal travel companion—one of the most effective Currency Converter Apps for Android users. Enjoy an easy change of over 160 international currencies using this easy currency converter application.

Core Features of My Currency Pro – Converter:

  • Multiple charts show trends in rates.
  • Automatically changes the pace of change.
  • Handles various cryptocurrencies.
  • Easy to use UI.

Download App: Android

#10 Forex Currency Rates

Access the latest information on currency news, as well as easy conversion rates, and more with this extensive and best Currency Converter apps for Android devices. It is compatible with significant metals and 140+ currencies. You can check daily and weekly rates without difficulty by using Forex Rates for currencies.

Core Features of Forex Currency Rates:

  • Compatible with 140+ world currencies.
  • Shows full-screen charts.
  • Perfect for travelers and traders.
  • Simple navigation.

Download App: Android

Closing Words on Best Currency Converter Apps for Android & iOS

If accuracy and simplicity are your things, We are confident that our blog can help. Each of the Currency Converting Apps listed above comes with several different options.

These applications are extremely clear and allow you to determine the conversion rates of different currencies, track the market’s trends, and check fluctuation rates.

Please look at our list of the best currency converter applications for Android and iPhone to find the perfect travel companion.

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