Destiny 2 Fourth Horseman: How to get the Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Fourth Horseman arrived almost unchanged from the Destiny 1 original. It is a quad-barrel Exotic shotgun with an incredible fire rate, ridiculous recoil, impressive DPS, and a quad-barrel barrel arc Exotic shotgun. It’s like The Last Word for shotguns – a face-melter that can drop off like a piano from a cliff. It’s still fun to use and can completely delete Champions if used correctly, so it’s worth getting.

He will instruct you to go to his vault in The Tower. This vault can be found on a similar path as the Leviathan Exotic quest. It is windy and buried. To help you get started, here’s a GIF:

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It’s easy to kill the dudes once you have started the quest and then find the items from there. These are the remaining steps, with a few tips.

  • However, Escalation Protocols count and are more easily available. You can farm EP or complete any other normal Public Events that you see.
  • Kill Psions or open Cabal chests on Mars. These chests are your best bet. You can equip a Ghost Shell using Treasure Hunter or a Mars Chest Finder and run around Mars’ northern region to find more chest spawns. Once you have found them, open them up. You can still search manually for chests if you don’t own a Ghost shell.
  • Completion of Patrol and Public Events in the EDZ Heroic Public Events grants you the most progress. Also, complete loose Patrol objectives.
  • Clear the Legendary Quarry Lost Sector. Open the chest at the bottom. This step can only be completed while the Legendary Quarry Lost Sector is available.
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Complete the Legendary Lost Sectors and Seraph Tower Public Events until you receive the Exotic catalyst to the Fourth Horseman. This is a rare and random drop so that it may take some time.

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