Don’t want to be griefed in Sea of Thieves? Here’s how to tell if other pirates are friendly or stabby

They robbed, stole, and looted the high seas centuries ago. You’d expect things to have changed in Sea of Thieves, where there are more friendly pirates. It’s unlikely that everyone you meet will want your friendship rather than your treasure. So, an Imgur user, Saphirewolf, explained how to distinguish peaceful pirates from pillaging pirates.

The merchants’ code states that if you wish to make friends with someone coming your way, you should have your bottle of grog raised or your cannons pointed to the sky if your ship or sloop has one. If you see someone acting like this, they may be just trying to make friends fight a skeleton fort. Or they might be using the guidelines I have laid out to trick you into believing they are nice before they board your vessel and insert their cutlass into my belly

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They are looking for loot and will not be bothered about killing anyone in their path. You should also be on the lookout for pirates wielding cutlasses if you see them from afar. If they are, you need to flee quickly. You can turn around very quickly if your sails are full. Next, drop your anchor and then spin the steering wheel until it is fully locked on one side. The anchor will spin super fast, and then you can grab the anchor to flee. Did I say flee? I meant to move in another direction. This is for tactical purposes. For tactical purposes, see our Sea of Thieves tips.

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