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Top 7 Best Way To Download Embedded Videos Online From Any Website in 2022

Are you experiencing difficulties when you try to download embedded videos online? You likely are.

Many of us have encountered such problems due to the lack of knowledge or experience in embedded video downloading.

What is An Embedded Video?

Embed videos are self-hosted and are built on the website page, similar to HTML5. Embedding lets you host these videos on different sites, such as articles, blogs, and more. So that viewers can view videos without going to the website that hosted them.

Top 7 Best Way To Download Embedded Videos Online From Any Website in 2022

How to Download Embedded Videos?

Successfully downloading embedded videos using videos sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter isn’t as simple as you’d think it could be.

To make it easy for you, we’ve performed everything for you and provided the seven amazingly simple methods below to help you download the content you want with ease.

7 Easy Method to Download Embedded Video Online

These are the most effective choices that will provide you with an understanding of the best ways to download embedded video on websites and streaming platforms for videos:

Method 1: Download Embedded Videos Directly From Sites

Specific embedded videos can be easily downloadable. For instance, if the movie available on the site is the MP4 format, it is able to be downloaded with no trouble, similar to saving a picture online.

Follow the instructions below for downloading the video:

  • Right-click on the video, and choose”Save video as” “Save video as.”
  • Choose the location for downloading on your device from which you want to save the video embedded.
  • After you’ve completed the process, press Enter or click the “Save” button once you’re done.

Method 2. Download the Video using Free Video Downloaders

There are a variety of video downloaders on the market that allow users to download HD-quality video from a variety of video sharing sites and assist in downloading ones embedded in the site’s pages.

Here are a few of the most efficient video downloading tools worth trying.

1. 4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader application is an excellent tool to download the video as well as audio files from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other similar websites for Linux, Windows PC, and macOS completely for free. All you need to do is to Install the 4K video Downloader software on the device you are using. Then, follow the instructions below.

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Step 1. Start the application 4K Video Downloader.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the video from the web browser that you want to download onto your device.

Step 3. After that, click the”Paste Link” option in the program, select the quality of the video and then click the download button.

2. Free HD Video Converter Factory

Follow the instructions below for downloading embedded videos:

Step 1. Start the application and then open the ‘Downloader.’

Step 2. From the top menu, choose the “New Download” option. Now the screen will display a new pop-up window that says “New Download.’

Step 3. Copy and copy the link to the embedded video’s web page in the “Add URL” section, and then click the “Analyze” option to begin the analysis of your URL.

4. Once completed, you will be able to select the video resolution that you would like. Then, you’ll be asked to select the location to download the embedded video file.

Phase 5: Now, you can click on ‘Download at the end of the page.

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3. EaseUS MobiSaver Free

Are you looking to download videos online on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites from 1000+ to your PC? If yes, then you need an EaseUS MobiSaver free and let this amazing software. Here are the steps to assist you in saving your most loved videos to watch offline.

1. Launch the EaseUS MobiSaver application, and then select the “Video Downloader ” option on the left pane.

Step 2. Copy or paste the web address of the film that you want to download into the bar, then click the “Download” button.

Step 3. After analyzing the web address, the software will immediately download the video to your personal computer (PC, Mac, or laptop).

Method 3: Download Embedded Videos Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are definitely one of the easiest ways of downloading embedded video from diverse video hosting platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and more.

Additionally, Video DownloadHelper is a renowned worldwide internet browser extension (available in both Google and Firefox) that provides amazing options for downloading videos, and it’s all free.

The steps are below for saving an online video embedded:

1. First add the video DownloadHelper extension in your web browser by clicking the links below.

Step 2. After you have installed the extension, restart your browser and play the video embedded in the same way that you want to save.

Step 3. On top of the embedded video’s web page, click the “Video Download Helper” icon and select the “Quick download” option.

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In addition to downloading HLS streaming and dash videos, You can also use this extension for various other purposes, such as converting embedded videos that you download to another format and block third-party domains.

Method 4: Download an Embedded Video Using Chrome/Firefox Browser

If you’re frustrated with installing browser extensions and software to download video, then you’re on the correct page. You can easily download the videos that you like by using your browsers on the web.

Use these instructions to set up embedded videos using Chrome or Firefox:

1. First, it is necessary to install Google Chrome or Firefox (whichever is more suitable) before playing the desired embedded video on the site’s page.

Step 2. Using your “F12” shortcut or by right-clicking the margins with blank spaces on the page, choose “Inspect Element” in Firefox or “Inspect” in the Chrome browser.

Step 3. On the page that you inspect, go to the Media tab of the Network.

4. Press the ‘F5’ shortcut key and play the video over and over again to find the download link in the lower-left corner.

5. Now it is time to right-click on the link and then click “Open in a new window,’ this will allow the video to play in a different tab, automatically and without manual intervention.

6. Here, Click on the Download option. If you’re unable to locate the download option, click on the video’s right side and choose “save video as” to save the embedded video directly to your drive.

Method 5. Download Videos using Browser Developer Tools

If you’re searching for a different method to download embedded videos, You can utilize the tools for developing browsers to accomplish this. It is possible to use both the Chrome Developer Tool and the Firefox Page Information Tool to accomplish this. Check out the below steps for more information to learn how to download embedded videos using the developer tools in the browser.

#1 Download videos with the Chrome Developer Tool

Step1. Right-click to open the page that contains the video you’d like to download. Select the Inspect option. (Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I at the same time, and, for Mac, you can press Cmd + Shift + I keys.)

Step 2. Hit the Network tab, and then select the Media tab.

Step 3. Now you’ll be able to see videos on this page. You will see the file in a format that is MP4 or video. MP4 extension or a video format.

4. Right-click onto it. Select the Copy option.

5. Select the link to be copied.

Sixth step: Then, you should open another tab in your browser and paste in the address there. Click Enter.

7. Right-click on the movie and select the Save option.

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Following this procedure, you will be able to select where you want your files to be saved. Choose a file, and then rename the file if you prefer. Hit Save in order to complete the download.

#2 Download Video using Firefox Page Information Tool

1. Fitsly You must right-click the web page where you want to play the movie.

Step 2. Seek an option to view the page Information option.

Step 3. Now click on the Media tab.

step 4:Look at the URL of your video file type in that address. (You could use the Type filter to locate the address faster by its type.)

5. Finally, Use the copy and Paste options to redirect your link and paste it into the tab.

Sixth Step: Right-click on the player to save it.

Method 6: Download Embedded Video Using Command-Line Program

Another method to download embedding videos on YouTube or other sites is to use Youtube DL. It’s a command-line software, more than an extension for your browser, in which you write your commands. It’s not easy to use. However, it’s very manageable and reliable. In addition, the software is built upon the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) platform.

For tech enthusiasts who like FOSS applications, YouTube DL is worth exploring. It is the safest platform because it is constantly updated and releases security patches to strengthen the platform. The interface for users for the FOSS software is impressive and allows you to add multiple URLs to the list of downloads. After downloading, they are uploaded into your drive. Here to test Youtube DL for Free.

Method 7: Embedded Videos Download Using Online Services

It is also possible to test different online services that work equally well in downloading embedded videos online.

For your assistance with downloading embedded videos from the web, We’ll use the Fetch File service for information. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2. Paste the URL into the URL section, then select the “Download Video” option.

Step 3. Now choose the desired video resolution. Your selected uploaded video will get downloaded on your device in only several minutes.

A Factor to Consider: These online services support downloading videos from popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube. It is important to remember that you might not be capable of downloading embedded videos on a site.

This is the way to go! These are the most simple and easy methods that can assist you with downloading embedded videos on the internet.

The above methods are very simple to implement and are applicable to videos that have a different format.

Utilize any of the methods to save videos with no glitches and enjoy them free of charge.

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