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Elan Touchpad Driver Download Update and Install for Windows 10/ 8/7

Learn how to download and install the Elan Touchpad driver in Windows 10. This guide will walk you through the installation and update of the driver.

The touchpad technology was developed to replace mouse technology and give complete comfort for those working on laptops. However, the touchpad is lying down due to hardware issues such as touchpad issues frequently crashing the touchpad or lagging touchpads and many others.

To ensure that the touchpad is functioning, users should fix the problems related to the touchpad driver. One of the most reliable methods to avoid malfunctioning the touchpad is to update the drivers for touchpads. If you find your touchpad from Asus isn’t working correctly, you have to update the drivers for your touchpad.

So, we’ve created this simple yet essential guide to assist you in learning in the most effective method.

What is an Elan Touchpad Driver?

Elan driver for touchpads is a program that allows the touchpad on your laptop to work with the laptop’s operating system. The latest version of drivers increases the security of drivers. Recently, you upgraded your Windows 10 operating system and noticed that the Elan touchpad stopped working abruptly. If you’re facing the issue of your Elan touchpad not working correctly, it is not an isolated issue. There are a lot of Windows 10 users who encountered this problem as well. It is possible to fix the topic simply by installing the latest drivers.

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How to Download and Install the Elan Touchpad Driver in Windows 10, 8, 7

You can carry out the update of your driver on the Elan Touchpad by the methods provided below. We’ll discuss the driver update in-depth!

Elan Touchpad Driver Download Update and Install for Windows 10/ 8/7

Method 1: Automatically Update Elan Touchpad Driver via Bit Driver Updater

It may seem to be a simple task, but when you attempt it out in the real world, you find it to be an absolute nightmare. Although it is a huge undertaking, it is still possible to upgrade the drivers for your touchpad using the Bit Driver Updater.

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It’s a top driver updater tool that allows you to update all drivers in just a few clicks of one button. The professional version lets you update all the damaged, broken, obsolete, or outdated drivers in a single click. In addition to updating drivers and solving driver-related issues, this tool can also identify various Windows-related issues like frequent crashes, frequent failures in games, blue-screen errors, and many others. All you have to do is follow the steps below to update the Elanor Synaptics’ touchpad driver.

First Step: Get the Bit Driver Updater on the official site. Click on the link below to download it and download it at no cost.

Step 2. Start the downloaded program to set it up onto your PC.

Step 3. On your desktop, click on the icon to open the program.

4. When you have started the program, it is necessary to sit for a while since it takes a few minutes to find the drivers that need an update.

Phase 5: When the scanner is completed, click the Update Now option just below the driver that must be updated.

In just 5 steps, you’re all set to start! Bit Driver Updater has many needed features, such as one-click update, full money-back guarantee, performance boost mechanism, backup and restores capabilities, and much more. If you’re looking to reduce time and have no patience, you must download the Bit Driver Updater. Click the download link below to download it for free.

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Method 2: Manually Download and Install Elan Touchpad Driver from Manufacturer’s Website

If you’re not looking to use an updater tool for your driver, then you can go to the official website of the manufacturer’s touchpad. Here’s how to install the ELAN’s touchpad driver on the manufacturer’s Official Support page.

Step 1. Visit the manufacturer of the touchpad’s official site.

Step 2. Then, detect the Elan touchpad driver for the Windows OS.

Step 3. The driver file by clicking it.

4. Double click on driver files to download it.

Method 3: Use Device Manager to update Elan Touchpad Driver

If you aren’t sure how to download the proper driver compatible with your system, visit the official support site of the manufacturer. You can ask for assistance from Windows. Microsoft has loaded Windows with an incredible tool called Device Manager to update drivers and address driver-related issues. Follow the steps in the following article to install and upgrade Elan, the Touchpad driver for Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

1. Start the Run dialog by pressing the Windows + R key simultaneously.

Step 2. If the Run box appears, then enter devmgmt.msc inside the box, and then press the Enter button.

Step 3. In the Device Manager window, locate Mice and other devices that point and then clicking.

4. Then, extend the category by clicking twice in the exact component.

5. After that, click on the right Touchpad to select the update driver software option.

6. Next, the prompt should present two choices: select the first option, i.e., Search for drivers automatically.

Then, sit back for a while and let Windows complete the search process. After that, you can follow the wizard to finish the installation.

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How to Uninstall Elan Touchpad Driver in Windows 10?

Sometimes, even after updating drivers for the touchscreen, it does not function as you would expect. In that situation, it is necessary to reinstall the driver for the touchpad. Before installing the driver, you must first remove it from your system. You can make use of the Windows built-in tool Device Manager to uninstall the Touchpad drivers. This is how you can uninstall the Elan, the driver for touchpads!

First Step: Hit the Windows + R keys to invoke an open dialog.

Step 2.Then, devmgmt.msc enter the following command into the box, and then press the enter key.

Step 3. Then, search for Mice and other Devices that Point Devices then expand the area by clicking twice the section.

Step 4: Then, click on the right side of the Elan Touchpad to choose to uninstall the device from the menu of context.

5. At the following step, you will be asked to tick the box next to Remove this Driver Software for this device.

6. Allow the installation process to complete. Then, start your system again.

After the driver for the touchpad has been completely removed, applying any of the methods mentioned above to install the drivers, you are able to do so.

Successfully Updated and Installed Elan Touchpad Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7

In this article, we’ve tried to show you how to download, install, and update the Elan Touchpad driver for Windows 10 7, 8, 10. Additionally, we’ve also explained how to remove the drivers for the touchpad.

We hope you find it quite useful and beneficial. If you’ve got any concerns regarding this, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You are welcome to submit your questions to us by using the comment box below. If you also have any suggestions, additional tips, or ideas you’d like to share, do so in the comments below.

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