Fortnite Streetlight Spotlights – all the different locations to dance

Fortnite season 6: has come, and among those Fortnite fight Pass Staff for Week inch entails dancing underneath street-light spotlights. So what exactly are they, you ask? Appropriately, they genuinely are routine street lights. Nevertheless, they got many speakers wrapped on the very surface that play new songs once you stand under them. Execute just a tiny amount of dancing during the time that you are stood at the highlight also; it’s going develop to a flashing disco lighting and become one step nearer to finishing this battle.

To overcome the battle, you want to do a dance E-Mote underneath seven various street-light spotlights to tick them off. You can find 15 of those all together, which means that you might have lots of preference for those you wish to use. We have researched each of them in our convenient guide and explained the respective spots for everyone.

Table of Contents

C1 – Studio east of Junk Junction

Down on the studio construction face, you will discover the highlight near some green delivery container.

C3 – Northwest side of Pleasant Park

At the northwest corner of pleasurable Park, supporting the grey wooden property, the highlight stands alongside your light blue vehicle.

D2 – Motel

At the end of this Motel automobile park, the highlight can be found alongside the children’s pool and an ice cream truck.

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F2 – Car park north of Lazy Links

Within the auto parking north of Lazy Links, you will see this spotlight at the midst close into this RV.

H2 – Northwest of Risky Reels

Beyond the entry from the northwestern corner of dangerous Reels, the highlight will be near the significantly driven Theatre hint.

C7 – Middle of Greasy Grove

From the Durrr Burger car park between your petrol channel and the swimming keep, this mirror stands at the corner with a reddish bath.

C5 – Football stadium west of Tilted Towers

West of this football arena, near the deserted swimming pool, you are going to see still yet another attraction.

D5 – Northwest side of Tilted Towers

At the northwest corner of Tilted Towers, close into this basketball court docket, you are going to realize this highlight on the roadside.

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D6 – Southeast side of Tilted Towers

At the southeast corner of Tilted Towers, the accent stands in the face of the trail near a grey vehicle.

F5 – Northwest of Dusty Divot

South-west of this brand new diner in Dusty Divot, an undercover automobile, is napping against the particular spotlight.

G4 – In the tunnel south of Tomato Temple

From the centre area of this tube jogging south of Tomato Temple, then you are going to discover a highlight shining down.

H6 – West side of Retail Row

From the home space into the west of re Tail Row, this highlight racks onto the street corner near a metallic planted location.

E9 – Nightclub area northeast of Flush Factory

This highlight is seen in the southeast west of this nightclub region, about the home road nearby the crates piled to check to be an armchair.

G8 – North side of Fatal Fields

In the direction of the north of Deadly Fields, near the very lengthy terrace, you are going to see still yet another highlight.

G9 – Gas station in the southwest of the desert

At the southwest corner in this desert space, near this Truck’N’ Oasis fuel channel, the highlight stands from the street.

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