7 things we want to see in the God of War sequel

You’re done!God Of WarThis is the main quest. You have scattered Fey’s ashes on the highest peak of all the realms, watched Kratos and Atreus flourish along the way (don’t worry, it’s just an eye infection), and likely ripped quite a number of draugr in halves. Even though you are full of delicious stories, I can’t blame you for looking ahead to see what’s in store for Kratos and Atreus. But it is absolutely.If you have not seen it, don’t continue reading.God Of War ending AndThat was it!God Of War secret ending.You’ll end up reading lots of information.God Of War spoilers. It’s not good.

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1. Different death animations for big enemies like Trolls

It is absolutely bloody thrilling to tear down enemies (with an emphasis placed on the bloody bit). You might be giddy when you see Kratos smashing an enemy’s jaw (those poor Wulvers), or swinging them around like flail – sorry Tatzelwurms! – but it will make you whoop with delight after a few times. Trolls especially. Even though Mattugr Shelson and Daudi Kaupmadr have their own finishing moves, the fight would be even more satisfying if they could take them down in multiple ways. This would make their death feel more like an event. It was a bloody one.


2. A bigger role for the World Serpent

Kratos and Atreus have a friend in Odin Jormungandr. He is quite relaxed for a giant serpent that has been retrenched in time. His resentment for Thor’s depictions is mostly reserved for him. Mimir says that Thor punched him so severely that he was sent back to the future during Ragnarok. As Fimbulwinter began by the end, I hope that the World Serpent will be a part of the story and offer some advice to Kratos or Atreus about Ragnarok. After all, forewarned is better than sorry.

3. Unlock the realms Odin has barred entry to

Perhaps the greatest incentive to travel to the Nine Realms is to be told the travel route to the three Nine Realms “will never work”. Reverse psychology, a great idea. Recap: Svartalfheim and Vanaheim are out of reach for God of War users, as Odin has blocked travel to these places for his own evil reasons. The warfare-centric Aesir hails from Asgard while the magical Vanir comes from Vanaheim. Atreus and Kratos are likely to find these two realms extremely dangerous due to their existence as almost-immortal beings. This is especially true after Baldur’s murder. Svartalfheim is home to Dwarves, and Kratos’ and Atreus friendship with Broks and Sindri suggests that the dwarves are more friendly than the gods. So it seems possible that the sequel will take place there. They might even ask the blacksmiths for help to get there.

4. Have Atreus as a playable character

Atreus had his ups and downs (what with his insecure disposition when he discovered his godhood), but now he seems ready to take on a larger role in the God of War sequel. It would be amazing to have some chapters in which you can play Atreus, perhaps when he is separated from Kratos. Atreus is seen briefly inflamed by Modi in the scene in which he insults Fey. Atreus is more adept at ranged combat so it would likely have a non-melee function. A Dead-Eye-like ability, which slows down time and allows him to fire off three times as many arrows per second, is what I am thinking.

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5. More favours

God of War’s favors are a wonderful way to force you to see more of the world. They also show Kratos carefully guiding Atreus’ emotional growth. Each quest is a lesson to the boy, with every stage being carefully discussed between father and son. The next game will be played when Atreus is a bit older. If that happens, their different approaches to each mission may even be a game feature. Will you choose to go the Kratos route and not get distracted by possible risky paths? Or will you play like Atreus to try out alternate routes to accomplish the quest?

6. Let us meet Odin or Thor

We only saw Thor, and not any of Odin, for all the information we had about them during Kratos’ journey. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. God of War keeps them at a safe distance, making them terrifying and unhinged gods. It’s like the ‘don’t show the monster’ rule in horror movies. Kratos would argue that we haven’t heard their side yet of the Mimir’s many stories. As he was in the God of War secret ending, it seems that Thor will be featured in the sequel. But what is his thoughts? Are they going to be an enemy or do they want Kratos’ assistance in stopping Ragnarok from happening? There are so many questions that only Odin or Thor can answer.

7. Tell us more about Fey…or let us play as her

I know she’s dead. Although I don’t expect her to pull off the “I was secretly alive all the time!” trick, there are other ways Fey could be involved in the God of War sequel. You could also have her as a DLC segment – I’m crossing all my fingers! You play Atreus in a 10-minute segment that features you as her. You could hear her telling Atreus a story while they are hunting deer or stopping him from complaining about Kratos. We’d see Kratos at the end of DLC and get to see their relationship. Not that we’d actually see Kratos bring her flowers, but it would be an interesting glimpse into the lives that Atreus & Kratos have left behind.

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