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How to find profiles from Instagram images

Instagram Image Search allows you to locate the profile of an Insta user by using photo ID or Insta photos. Insta is the most used social media platform in the world. Every month, Insta is used by billions of people.

The service also has many profiles with more. Every day, users upload over 200 million images. These are the methods you can use to search Insta for images. It is a well-known photo-sharing platform that allows you to share your images with others around the world.

Instagram is extremely strict with regards to privacy and security. All images and digital footprints are encrypted via FB’s servers. There is no way to locate a user’s profile other than by looking at their photo. Facebook also has an Image ID that allows you to find the profile of users. Insta does not allow you to search for the original uploader of an image.

This guide will show you how to locate the user using Instagram Image Search and Instagram Reverse Image Search. These methods do not guarantee that you will find the profile. You can narrow your search to find more remarkable results.

How to reverse image search for Instagram

These are some simple but powerful ways to search Instagram for images.

Google Image Search

Reverse Image Search can be a powerful tool to locate the source of an image. This allows you to instantly find similar images on the internet. The Search Engine can be uploaded to the image uploader. It will display similar images from all over the internet.

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You can upload an image to ‘Search by Image’ and all related images will be displayed along with their source. If the URL associated with the image is from Insta, you will be able to find the user and any other information that corresponds to the profile.

These are the steps for a reverse image search on Instagram.

  • First, visit
  • A ‘Camera Icon” will be displayed along the search bar.
  • Click on the icon to upload the photo from the device storage
  • Enter and you’ll be presented with the results that correspond to the pic.

Instagram Image Search

Tineye is only for reverse image search. The steps are the same as before. Upload the image, and you’ll be able to access all related images and sites that host them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find the original image. It uses its own algorithm to locate the photos. Emoticve hashing is one such algorithm. It is used to generate a hash of the sample image.


The same feature is available in Bing. You can search for your profile or information using the photo. Simply click on the camera icon to upload your image to the Bing engine. You can also view any related information, if it is available. All images uploaded are removed automatically.

Social Catfish

Social catfish is the most used Search by Image engine. It claims to be the most prominent tool for finding social site search results. It uses photo metadata and facial recognition to identify the most popular social profiles. This will allow you to get more precise results and coverage that correspond to Insta.

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Although there are no exact methods to locate the source of the Insta photo, they can be helpful. Using meta or digital image imprint can help narrow down your search parameters. I hope you found this article useful. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have in the comments section below.

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