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How to Pick the Best SaaS Marketing Agency?

One question that many CEOs and founders of Software–as–a–Service (SaaS) companies have to deal with is whether or not they should hire a SaaS marketing agency. Given that the companies may be used to running their promotions and marketing activities themselves, they may feel that hiring an agency is an unnecessary expense and distraction. 

However, unless you are a specialist, you may not be managing your marketing efforts effectively and may be unaware of how much you are missing out. Also, juggling between marketing your SaaS business and running the day-to-day operations may be a tall order. Thus, using the services of a SaaS marketing agency could be the best option for your company. 

What is a SaaS marketing agency?

This is a specialized business that focuses on promoting and growing the sales of SaaS products, or the subscription-based services offered by SaaS companies. They are excellent at creating data-driven marketing plans to help SaaS businesses in lead generation, customer acquisition, sales growth, increasing conversions, and assisting in exponential scaling up.

Selecting the best SaaS marketing agency

Here are some tips to help you choose the best agency to help with your SaaS marketing efforts:

Identify your needs

It is vital for you to first point out your pain points as you seek the best marketing agency for your SaaS business. Different companies have different needs, for example, you may have content creation needs while another may need brand development. 

After you identify your needs, identify clear goals that you want to achieve. Then choose a SaaS marketing agency that will help you accomplish those goals. You can never go wrong when you partner with Rocket SaaS because they can offer a full marketing services suite, and will help to build your company’s brand awareness, generate more leads and so much more.

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Seek referrals 

While you may not know a good SaaS marketing agency, chances are that another SaaS business or a friend in marketing or other areas knows one. Referrals work well because you can work with an already proven service provider that someone else has already previously hired and knows their services. Besides, your peers understand your business and may recommend an agency that can help it. Also, having used their services, others can warn against a bad company. Thus, ask for recommendations and vet the agencies to pick the best. 

Consider your budget

Because hiring a SaaS marketing agency or choosing to have an in-house team will cost your business some money, you need to have a clear budget of how much you can comfortably spend. You need to remember that outsourcing an agency may be a cheaper option in the long run because you avoid salaries, bigger working space, staff benefits, and other costs. So, calculate all the potential alternatives’ costs and how you can get the best return on your investment. Make an informed decision on which agency to hire and other decisions based on this.


In addition to the above tips, other things to look for as you hire a SaaS marketing agency is their track record to see how well they have helped other SaaS companies to reach their goals. Also, consider their compatibility with your business so you pick an agency that easily integrates with yours culturally and in other aspects. 

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