How to unlock a PDF

Do you have a protected PDF file with the protection of password that does not require anymore? On your Desktop with a PDF password remover, you can unlock your file. It is simple and easy to remove the password of the file. Now, you can instantly remove PDF password security from the document of the PDF format. If you do not need the protection, then you can remove the password and unlock the file in simple steps. It is an easy-to-use way that can make your access to some of your confidential and important documents possible.

How to remove PDF password?

It is possible in few steps that you can unlock PDF. The simple steps are here.

Step 1: Select the password protected PDF document from your mobile, laptop, computer to unlock PDF online.

Step2: Now, you can enter the password of PDF file, if your pdf file needs a password to open it otherwise, you can leave it blank.

Step 3: Click unlock PDF

Step 4: The procedure starts quickly and you will see file downloaded without any password icon.

Not all the people can unlock your file. People who have the permission to remove the password can do this task only. In this way, your privacy is always there and your confidential data is protected. A server administrator or a policy author can do this task.


  • Quickly unlock PDF by removing password
  • Supports for PDF docs protected by all versions of the tool
  • Removes PDF owner permission password or owner password
  • Removes open password or PDF user
  • Removes all the restriction like commenting, signing, printing, copying, filing of form fields, page extraction, document assembly, and changing the documents from PDF docs
  • Offers ease to use right click menu to instantly choose the remove PDF password
  • Drag and Drop support for easy selection of PDF document.
  • Very simple to use with some attractive and simple GUI screen
  • Open PDF file for password removal
  • Supports for local uninstall and install the tool
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You cannot go for manual checking since it is a time-consuming and hectic task. You cannot check line by line if you have lengthy content to inspect. Save your time and money by using a trustworthy and efficient tool. No doubt, it is at your ease.

The tool is 100% free to use and can be a perfect choice for users who have to unlock unlimited documents daily. Due to the ability to quickly download the PDF documents, it will not take much of your time. You will get quick and accurate results in few seconds. Moreover, it comes with a good rate in efficiency that makes the tool stand out.

Find here for user-friendly tool that no one needs to go for training. Students, business owners, content writing agencies, and other content marketers can access this tool to check their unlimited content one by one. For the majority of the business owners and students, it can be helpful to use this tool anywhere and anytime.

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