How to use the Fortnite replay mode

Do you ever wish that your Fortnite kill streak could be shared with your friends? This quick guide will show you how to make your footage go from zero to hero in Fortnite replay mode.

How to find the Fortnite replay mode

Let’s first make sure that you are actually on the correct screen. You can access the replay mode by going to the Battle Royale menu and selecting the Career tab. The list of unsaved replays will then be displayed. Fortnite replay mode offers a variety of options. While most of these are intuitive, we’ll go over each one.

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How to manipulate your footage in Fortnite replay mode

You can hide the HUD by using the eye; pressing H allows you to cycle through all the options. You can make them your subject and then follow their perspective by clicking on their name. You can adjust the camera’s two-pronged functionality. It allows you to adjust nameplates and finer aspects of your image, like focal length. Although these may sound like cinema-speak, a bit of fiddling can lead to a lot of mileage.

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The playback bar is next. You can navigate between the beginning and the end of the footage by clicking on the arrows at each end. These markers are located on the bar showing the length of footage. A crosshair, for example, indicates a kill. The curved arrows can be viewed inwardly for a few seconds, then jump forward or backward for 15 seconds. The minus/plus buttons allow you to pause, play or rewind the footage.

How to find the best camera angle in Fortnite replay mode to show off your achievements

You can navigate through the footage by using the player indicator to your right. Or, you can change the perspective using the camera options to your right.

The third Person follows your subject from a simple, flat, close-on position. This angle is suitable for indoor buildings and tight-quarters encounters among shotgunners.

Drone angles can help you get better cinematic angles by allowing you to fiddle a little. However, they can be more complicated to use. Drone Follow tracks your subject’s movements from a static position. Drone Attach will attempt to track your subject from a static position. Drone Free allows you to take control of your drone, eliminating all automatic compensators.

Gameplay is the last one. It is easy to see why. It follows the view the player had in-game. This is a good “default” view to refer to if your subject is out of frame. You can feel just like Steven Spielberg by using keyboard shortcuts to change between angles instantly.

The best Fortnite replay mode shortcuts on PC

Plus/minus controls speed. You can cycle through players by using commas and periods. You can use your mouse-wheel to adjust the focal length on the fly for easy cinematography. The shorter the scene, the more “fisheye” it will become. You can adjust them using X or Z.

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