Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion award guide – how to get 12 million score on Verum Rex: Beat of Lead

To earn the Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion achievement or trophy, you will need to score 12 million on Verum Rex Beat of Lead. To get it, visit the third floor in Galaxy Toys’ Toy Box. Once you have beat the game, you can continue visiting Verum Rex to improve your score. This Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion award guide will help you.

Use the explosive Giga

Because it has the highest fire rate, the Giga you start with – which is also the explosive one – is the best Giga to complete this challenge. Except for the Prime Gigas, which spawn later down the line, most other Gigas will fall within one or two shots. This means that the fastest fire rate is essential.

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The explosive special weapon is also the fastest to recharge and the best for taking down multiple Gigas at once. Although you might prefer to shoot or tackle cannons in Toy Box rather than the starter explosive Giga, it is the best in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead.

Figure out the best starting actions

It would help if you jumped in your ship in front of the enemy at the beginning. The only enemies you will face are those who move from the center of the glass circle. It’s up to you to figure out the best way to kill multiple enemies and what works.

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The best way to kill Gigas was to shoot two of them as they advance up the ramp. After that, fly over the rest and look for the platform where you spawn. You can quickly take out the cluster if you kill the two Gigas pushing up the ramp. The pink rings will soon light up as you turn around. Shoot out the glass to end the Gigas’s reign.

Traps are vital

Three types of traps are available in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Verum Rex Beat of Lead arena. The obvious explosive spheres are placed around the edges. These are the obvious explosive spheres placed around the edges. Gigas tend to spawn near these, so fire a few shots at them as soon as they appear.

A series of pink rings flashing up at the bottom of the arena’s central area is located. This is an electrical trap. Gigas can jump to the top of the glass platform and shoot at it to break it. When the pink lights start to appear, pay attention, and then, as soon as they are above you, concentrate all your attention on the glass.

The last trap is the yellow construction claws on rails that circle the arena’s top. These crystals will shatter when they drop, and you can shoot them. The claw will drop crystals for a few seconds. If Gigas are chasing you, shoot the claw to get a sweet multi-kill.

Maintain a combo

You can only beat the 12,000,000 scores if you keep a combo running. You can accomplish this by quickly killing Gigas. Once you have killed Gigas, it is time to focus on eliminating the next one. Kill it.

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Speed is of the essence

You’ll be awarded bonus points depending upon how quickly you complete the level. The time it took to reach the 12 million thresholds was just under three minutes. It’s possible to beat it in this time, but you won’t use any traps.

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