Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending – how to unlock the epilogue

Although you may have seen the conclusion and tried to understand it through our Kingdom Hearts 3 end explained guide, did you know that there is a Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending? This extra ending is called “Epilogue – Lost Secrets”. We won’t spoil it, but we will show you how to unlock it and let you see it.

How to unlock the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

There are 90 lucky emblems to be found, but we have the exact location. We’ve included every random logo in Kingdom Hearts 3 so that you can quickly find them.

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Your difficulty level will determine how much you have to find to unlock the Lost Secrets epilogue. You’d need to find the lucky emblems for the Lost Secrets epilogue if you chose Beginner as your starting difficulty. If you choose Normal, the number of random logos you will need to find will be less. In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Namura, director of Kingdom Hearts, said that you would need to find even more minor if you are a veteran player and play on Proud mode.

How to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

Once you have found all the lucky emblems, a popup will appear to inform you that the secret ending has been unlocked. Although the secret ending takes only a few minutes, it has many familiar faces and some brand new faces. It’s worth watching, mainly if the Kingdom Hearts 3 ending didn’t satisfy you.

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