Lesser known bitcoin wallets that does wonder

Crypto is a vast topic. You can go on talking about it and it still never ends. There is always some or other new development in the field.

With the advent of technology, its impact and usage are increasing. It’s the currency of the future. This brings us to more suggestions for you, to choose your bitcoin wallet from: 

Various lesser-known bitcoin wallets that you can consider: 

  1. Metamask 
  2. Guarda
  3. Trust wallet
  4. Blockchain 
  5. Edge 
  1. Metamask: 

You can find metamask on your phone or as an extension of the browser. It supports Ethereum and ERC tokens. Metamask is known for the features it provides to its users. It provides you with private key storage, a token wallet, and also exchange facilities that allow you to buy, sell or exchange tokens. 

Easy! Right? 

  • Guarda: 

 It is a noncustodial wallet that means you are the true owner of your private keys and digital money. It provides you with features like instant exchange of cryptocurrencies, on over 50 digital coins. It is available for mobile devices and desktops. However, if you wish to exchange digital assets on this wallet, you would be required to pay several small fees as service charges.

  • Trust wallet: 

It is available only for mobile phone storage. Major drawback? Maybe not! Because this means you might not be required to buy a laptop or desktop computer for trading. You can download the wallet on Android and iOS devices. 

I kid you not, it gives you the benefit to earn up to 11% APR via your crypto staking, while also allowing you to store, buy or sell your digital assets.

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The only drawback I could sense here is, for the people who are inclined more towards the desktop versions, might not find this suitable. 

  • Blockchain: 

It is a hot wallet that provides encryption and gives you complete control and ownership over your digital currency. 

  • It comes with features like: 
  • Real-time crypto prices
  • Let’s you know the accounts that are bearing interests.
  • Data charts
  • Data APIs

The drawback of this is considered to be the limited currencies that it offers to its users for trade. 

However, you can still be happy as it allows users to sell, buy or store bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Edge: 

One of the best features it offers is to provide client-side encryption, which means that your information is secured and restricted to you only. Edge doesn’t have any access to your information, as the website states. 

The functional structure of Edge relies on zero-knowledge security. It doesn’t ask for your information like your Name, Phone number, or email id for that matter, while you’re creating your account.

You can access this only on a mobile device. Which again might be a problem for people who are used to the desktop versions. 

Among others, these are a few bitcoin wallets that you might find easy to use. Also, if you’re a beginner you might want to start the bitcoin journey that provides you safety first, and then other features.

It’s recommended to understand every feature of any wallet that you’re planning to use.

Hope this blog helps! 

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