Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures – The biggest and best DLC since Grand Theft Auto IV?

It adds new areas, new mechanics, and eight hours of gameplay. This makes it the largest and most comprehensive DLC offering since Rockstar released Liberty City’s two episodes. Continue reading to find out why.

Don’t be swayed by narrative DLC. Joe’s Adventures doesn’t offer just more missions and a few hours of side-story. It’s an eight-hour-long epic that seamlessly integrates into the original Mafia II storyline and provides a game about two-thirds as long as its predecessor. It’s Mafia 2.5.

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Remember Vito, the Mafia2 protagonist? Remember Joe’s incredible success after Vito was released? This is the story about everything that the big man did between the ’40s and the ’50s. We’re talking about an experience that’s at least as good as Rockstar’s add-on episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV in terms of scale. It’s almost like a sequel, but it’s not quite. For 800 MS Points on 360 or PS6.29 on PC (PS3 prices unconfirmed), expect something similar.

It would help if you didn’t think you’re looking at a bunch reskinned from Joe’s Adventures. It features new locations that vastly expand the area’s countryside to the northeast.

We’ve seen the trailer for the snowbound lake, which is a part of the game that matches the same evocative atmosphere as the original. Mafia 2 has a lot of strengths, including the vibrant and life-like environment. Empire Bay’s wintry wilderness is one of the most beautiful and expressive parts of Mafia 2. It can even feel cold.

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New cars, music, and clothes are all available. Joe’s style is a bit bolder than Vito’s. Joe is also mentioned.

He’s more than a Vito. Joe is very independent and enjoys this game. He is a master of his punchy-smashy and comes with his melee moves. Joe’s bully-in-a china-shop approach allows him to speed down mooks and pound them with a powerful combo without breaking a sweat. As you would expect with Mafia II’s large visceral nature, it’s a satisfying way to release.

There are also now legitimate stealth missions. Mafia2 tried a bit of stealth, but only briefly before it was all over the place. Joe, despite his size, does the sneaking perfectly. Our carefully selected paths between cover, gangster line of sight, and the enemy’s hideout were a satisfying creep-and-kill experience. There was plenty of opportunity for environmental satisfaction. Joe is not a weedy sleeper. Joe is all about snapping necks, sending bodies to freeze together with the fishes.

Similar to Joe, Joe’s larger personality has led to bigger and brasher set pieces. Although this is still Mafia 2, with all its elegant believability, smooth, beautifully-realized 1940s cool, Joe’s loudness makes it more cinematic than his more straight-laced friend.

Joe is a car chaser. Vito was into car chases. Joe chases cars over broken lakes and skids across ice flows to catch his prey in the deep. He chases down the rat via road, foot, and train. It may end in a truck smash (emergent events dependent). This Mafia 2’s Mafia 2 has turned up the excitement to accommodate a louder and ballsier hero with cool new tricks. I’m extremely excited to get back into Mafia 2’s world and live the same life. Did I mention.

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