Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu – tips and tricks for defeating it

Although Nightshade Paolumu might not be as intimidating as the rest of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, its teethy terrors can still kill those who underestimate their power. Nightshade Paolumu is capable of quickly decimating even the most skilled hunters if they are caught napping. To avoid becoming a victim to this sleep-inducing subspecies of the Flying Wyvern, make sure to read our monster guide below.

Nightshade Paolumu behaviour and traits

Nightshade Paulumu will launch an aerial attack when it becomes angry. Its attacks will be more frequent and more unpredictable. Its puffy thrill’s dark colors and flashy patterns are used to intimidate its enemies, giving it an unsettling vibe that is different from its cheerfully pink cousin.

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Nightshade Paolumu strategy and tips 

Nightshade Paolumu prefers aerial attacks to ground-based moves, bringing lots of flash bugs and making flash pods out of them. Nightshade Paolumu will be easier to hit if it is kept on the ground, especially if they use low-range weapons. The Insect Glaive and any other long-range weapons can be used to switch your weapon. You should avoid hitting it with any sleep particles, as it will not be able to hit you without falling asleep. It would help if you also remembered that Nightshade Paolumu could release its sleep-inducing chemicals and move the gas with its tail, wings, and even while hovering above the ground. If you want to avoid being taken out by a sleep spore, you must be aware of all pockets on the battlefield. It is important to bring energy drinks with you, as you don’t want your body to go dozing off when the beast comes towards you. It is a good idea to pack sleep-resistant decorations in your gear, as this will make the fight much easier.

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This will give you many chances to KO it after it has been knocked to the ground. Nightshade Paolumu’s dive-bomb attacks can cause severe damage to your body and leave you vulnerable to further attacks. To do the most damage, make sure you have the right weapon. This fight will be easy if you have a fiery Insect Glaive on and sleep resisting armor.

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