Pokemon Black and White Pokedex – Pansear, Simisear

Pansear, (Baoppu),#019Unova/#513National TypeFire

Classification for species:High Temp Pokemon

AbilityGluttony: Eats berry when there is 50% HP left, instead of 25%

Dream World Ability:Blaze – Increases fire-type moves’ power 1.5 times if Pokemon are less than 1/3 HP

Location (Black/White).From woman inDreamyard (ifOshawott were your starter),Pinwheel Forest, (shaking grass only),Lostlorn Forest, (shaking grass only),

Wild and unrestricted items:Passho Berry, Oranberry

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Egg groupsGround

Capture rate190

Gender RatioFemales: 87.5%, 12.5%

Effort Values1 Speed

The Evolution familyPansear > Simisearvia Fire Stone

To evolve Pansear, wait until you are at least 23. At Level 22, it can learn the Fire-type move Flame Burst, which inflicts injury on both the target and nearby enemies. Fire Blast can be learned at 34. This Fire-type attack has a 120 base power and can inflict a burning. You can also get it as TM38.

His defense and special defense, like those of the monkeys, are very weak.

General Notes about the Elements Monkeys

These are similar to the Eeveelutionsof blue except that they don’t have a base type of Normal-type, and there are only three types each with one evolution.

They could be considered to be the counterparts of the starters.

1 All have the same base stats.

2) Evolutions don’t learn from one level to the next. Be wise when you evolve.

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Three) All three can learn Flying-type move, Acrobat at 31 (first level only), which deals light and can hit any opponent in triple fights regardless of where they are located. If they don’t own an item, it does double damage.

4 The design of the trio was partly inspired by three wise monkeys, Panpour, Panear, and Pansage.

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