Pokemon Go is getting 10 days of Detective Pikachu events starting tomorrow

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is coming to theaters Friday, May 10. Pokemon Go has added to the excitement with more than a week of sleuth-themed events. Tomorrow, May 7, we will see the Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu Event. It will continue through May 17, Niantic has announced.

Or at least one wearing a detective cap. It might or may not speak like Ryan Reynolds. You’ll be able to snapshot a Pokemon Go photo of the event and get photographed by the iconic hat-wearing Pikachu. Snapshot mode will allow you to capture the Pikachu wild. Even if Snapshot mode isn’t your favorite, you should still take some photos.

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The Pokemon Go-Style Shop will have a Detective Pikachu T-shirt and a detective hat featuring Pikachu ears.

Passive bonuses will also be available to players. The event will see the appearance of Pokemon from the film, such as Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff. Niantic claims that players will be able to take on “Raid Battles” that will challenge the Pokemon in the movie and field-inspired Field Research. The event will also double the XP for catching any Pokemon, not just those from the movie.

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