Step by Step Guide to Make Videos Quick and Easy

Video content is one of the most popular content formats on the Internet. Creating videos is easy and sharing them on the Internet, especially through social media platforms, is simple. The ease of creation combined with the effectiveness of videos to convey a message and make them great formats for content.

If you have never made a video before, it may seem like a complicated task. The first choice of many beginners is to pay to make a video. You will be surprised to know how easy making a video is if you invest time in understanding the basics. Great videos help with business expansion and increasing sales, and they don’t need a professional to make them.

#1 Define Your Purpose

Before creating video content, set the right goal. A clear plan for shooting, editing, and promoting the video effectively goes a long way in completing video production on time. Time also plays a key role in content production. Set a deadline to finish the production. 

Stay focused, and be realistic. Eliminate distractions, and remain accountable for producing your content. Keep track of the progress and key challenges that come your way while creating the video content. 

#2 Put Together a Relevant Script

A quick way to make a high-quality video is to keep a relevant script ready upfront.

Write down the skeletal structure of the script first. Doing this will give you a framework to work around. Once you are happy with the framework, start writing the script one section at a time. 

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Once the script is ready, spend time working on how you want to deliver the content while shooting the video. What words do you want to emphasize? What expressions do you have to give? How do you want to modulate your voice? If you keep the expected outcome of the video as your north star, you will be able to figure out the rest easily.

#3 Use Templates to Create Videos Quickly

Video content can be presented in many ways. As you explore various tools and tutorials, it can get confusing to decide the right way to present your video content. To ensure that you can make videos quickly, have a clear idea of the presentation, and use templates provided by editing software.

For example, if a video needs graphics, use templates instead of building graphics ground up or finding an agency to build them. All good editing tools provide decent libraries of music, graphics, backgrounds, and animations. Choosing the right elements will allow you to create videos quickly.

 #4 Arrange for the Right Equipment 

Maintaining a checklist of essentials required for video content is important for a high-quality video and its promotion. Test and keep the basic equipment ready. Choose the right camera, lenses, tripod, and an external microphone. Arrange for a high-speed computer with video editing software. 

It is recommended to use natural light for videos but be prepared with a light reflector to adjust the light if you are shooting indoors. You will also need audio cables and a good sound recorder. You can also find a video creator free of cost online if you do not have the equipment.

Using an external content creation agency can solve a lot of production problems in one go. There is no equipment to worry about, and the agency does the creative thinking. Your only involvement is to ensure that the output is to your liking and expectations.

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The one downside of this approach is that digital media agencies are expensive. Video content creators need substantial budgets in such a scenario. 

#5 Find a Suitable Location 

A good location always makes a huge difference in the overall production quality. It provides the right perspective and definition for the topic of your video production. It creates a realistic backdrop and framework which you can use to weave your message. 

Always avoid small rooms for indoor shooting and crowded locations for outdoor shooting. These may ruin the impact of the sound and light and will increase the editing time.  A vibrant room with enough space, bright background, a bright wall, and tasteful artwork is usually a good choice.

When choosing a location, try and pick a quiet place. This not only allows you to focus but also keeps the audio clear. 

#6 Find Royalty-Free Music 

Choose music that your target audience relates to. Music evokes emotion. Use it to deliver your marketing message effectively. Some safe choices of music are instrumental or classical music.

Remember to make sure you are not using copyrighted music without the producer’s permission. If you are caught using copyrighted material repeatedly, you stand a chance of being banned from the platform.

Ensure that the music of the video content evokes positive emotions. The audio needs to be of high quality and resonance to be effective. Videos that have voice-over might require a soothing sound, while videos without voice-over will need more emphatic music. 

#7 Use the Right Editing Tools 

There are a wide variety of editing tools available to edit videos professionally. These tools come with sophisticated features to trim footage, enhance the quality of the video, and overlay audio. You can either use freeware or invest in paid software. 

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Irrespective of what you choose, these tools make editing a video and getting it ready for publishing very simple. Most of the features are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) which means anyone can use them with little training.

#8 Measure the Video Performance and Iterate

One thing to remember about video production is that your content goes through various iterations sometimes, even after it is published. Ensure that feedback on what is working and not is rapidly captured and iterated. 

A simple way to create this feedback loop is by tracking metrics and following them closely. Most social media platforms provide basic to advanced metrics. Apart from this, many content creators download raw data and run their analytics. Irrespective of the path you take, tracking metrics is key. 


Video content is considered the most effective sales tool. It is proven that marketers feel that video directly and positively impacts sales. Marketers unanimously agree that videos increase their audience’s understanding of their product.

Our step-by-step guide aims to demystify video content creation and make everyone a content expert without a background in media.Creating video content can be quick and easy. Use your smartphone camera, find the right location, use free editing software, and be ready to publish. You need to invest your time wisely in building the right script and audio. If you follow the tips in this article, social media management will become a cakewalk for you.

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