The Outer Worlds Targeting Module: Should you give it to Graham or Sanjar?

You will make one among those numerous options in Outer Worlds; deciding to supply the targeting module isn’t simply a tricky individual. Could you select Graham and the Iconoclasts or even Sanjar Together Side Monarch Stellar Industries?

Your pick stems from your ending with the air-free Monarch pursuit and crosses collectively using the Canid’s Cradle pursuit. No return stems on whether you should fix r / c Hiram and view the cut landscape where your boat crashes. Once that’s done, you will soon be in a place to catch the Targeting Record and then face the choice of this to give it.

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Be warned that there are spoilers beneath to receive yourself a pursuit mid-way through the duration of this game.

How to get the best ending

To find the absolute finest ending for your Canid’s Cradle quest, there’s something that you need to have noticed. On occasion, you’ve discovered signs of Graham being answerable to an Amber Heights massacre on sooner occasions; you’re in a place to chat with Zora regarding it, then face Graham. In any other case, you are ready to maintain Graham as manager of those Iconoclasts. In any case, in the event, your speech expertise is huge enough.

If you may convince both functions to accept self-indulgent, get into the church just out of Stellar Bay and then handle the conversation. Doing this can make certain you maintain the serenity of the purposes, and lots of the Iconoclasts can move into Stellar Bay.

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Giving the Targeting Module to Sanjar or Graham/Zora

If you decide to extend the module into one other, then your standing will soon jump honored with most of the current faction you pick on. Regardless, you will be despised by a single particular alternative since you need to eliminate their complete faction. In the case of Sanjar, in addition, you can obtain the MSI Saltuna Searer, an exceptional plasma flamethrower. In comparison, Graham will give you the awesome Wordsome, more unique lighting machine guns. Persuading both factions with each other can be as you’d anticipate — which the same outcome; however, if you genuinely dislike potentially MSI along with your Iconoclasts, now you’re mindful of quite nicely, particularly what the advantages are. In addition, you’re going to get faction’s assistance during the final mission; needless to say, when it’s the case that you make sure that they’re, they will potentially permit one to exterior!

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