Tips to Improve developer productivity

Developers are at the forefront of this struggle because of the nature of their work. Coding is an extensive process and sometimes demands long hours and meeting unrealistic, tight deadlines that can lead to burnout. Developers are often advised to remove potential distractions and disruptions to make the most of their time. This constant need to perform can be detrimental to their productivity. 

What is developer productivity?

Developer productivity is a multidimensional metric that involves improving the programming and development experience while fostering a positive development culture.

Companies set specific development standards to measure performance in a given timeframe. Developer productivity is assessed based on these standards. This metric helps companies identify inefficient workflows, tools, and behavioral attributes impacting productivity in a development space.

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Why does developer productivity matter?

Developer productivity is important for various reasons. When developers are productive, they flourish, engage in creative pursuits, and bring in better solutions. High productivity speeds development and helps businesses set and achieve more ambitious goals. Happy and productive teams are vital for business growth.

tips to improve developer productivity

Increasing productivity in demanding jobs isn’t as challenging as you might think. Here are a few simple ways to improve your development team’s productivity.

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1. Ensure a work-life balance

Employees are often discouraged from prioritizing their well-being for the sake of efficiency and productivity. However, working more hours and sacrificing sleep is counterproductive. Sleep deprivation reduces developer productivity by a staggering 50%!

Besides sleep, developers need to maintain a healthy work-life balance when working remotely. They should feel encouraged to a follow healthy routine and take time to recharge.

Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet further contribute to productivity. Exercise doesn’t mean signing up your developers for a gym membership. Sitting at a desk all day can affect their mental and physical health. After an hour or two at your desk, getting up and walking around for a few minutes can make a big difference.

2. Communicate and connect

Connect with your developers and facilitate open communication to get work done quicker. Sharing relevant information keeps everyone informed and makes them feel included.

Some popular communication methods are:

  • Project boards
  • Scrum boards
  • Daily standups
  • Slack channels
  • Team lunches

With a systematic communication flow, developers can learn to document and share tricky steps and new processes. 

Essential data can be stored on a cloud-based server for easy access. Even if a developer leaves the company or role, the stored information is still available. This acts as a positive legacy and an effective training tool for new hires.

3. Match developer strength with projects

Every developer is an expert in different areas. Productivity spikes when they work on tasks that fall within their area of expertise. You can meet project deadlines faster when a developer with the required skills works on the project.

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One way is to have your developers fill out skill profiles. This can help you make an informed decision on building an optimal team to complete a project.

4. Automate redundant tasks

Why have your developers do redundant tasks when they can focus on critical challenges? Automate simple and repetitive tasks to maximize your team’s efficiency. 

Developers often break down complex problems into simpler tasks to automate. Specialized developer solutions like Middleware and various others support data management, application services, messaging, authentication, and API management.

5. Set realistic deadlines

Deadlines motivate developers to structure a plan and achieve milestones. Tasks are prioritized better based on deadlines. However, tight and unrealistic deadlines can overwhelm the team. Using the S.M.A.R.T. framework to set goals is a very easy way to ensure that you avoid this.

The ideal way is to involve developers when setting deadlines. They can estimate how long a task takes and account for potential issues or priorities.

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