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Thingiverse is one of the world’s largest online collections of 3D printing files which makes it a leading destination for anyone who likes 3D printing and is a part of a community of 3D printing enthusiasts. The platform has been a leading website with 3D printing files ever since its inception in 2008 by MakerBot as a companion website to early consumer targets of 3D printers. People usually look for the alternatives of Thingiverse for 3D printing files

This has become a leading platform where lots of designers share their exceptional work with a bigger community and this has made it one of the biggest resources for 3D printing files. Over 3 million 3D printing models are being hosted where all the creative designers showcase their unique work and upload several files for people to watch and get inspiration from. 

The website has been praised for its categorization as you will find different categories for different kinds of things. This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. There are some community features included that keep the users engaged. 

Apart from these qualities Thingiverse is totally free and users don’t have to pay a single penny to get some amazing 3D printing files, this is why it has become a popular choice among 3D printing enthusiasts across the globe. 

Although, nothing is perfect and Thingiverse is no exception. While some people love this website and can’t get enough of it, others don’t find it as amusing. This may be because they don’t get what they are looking for or there is something that might be upsetting, either way, Thingiverse might not be the one for them. If you are one of those people then you would be happy to know that Thingiverse is not only one platform of this kind and there are some alternatives present as well. All you have to do is know about these alternatives to Thingiverse and you would be able to find more 3D printing files that might be the ones you are looking for. 

In this article, we are going to review some of the best alternatives for Thingiverse that you would want to know. So go ahead and take a look at the following. 

10 Best Alternatives of Thingiverse

1. PrusaPrinters 

PrusaPrinters is one of the best alternatives to Thingiverse that you can find. Even though it has a smaller database than many other databases, it has been recognized as the fastest growing and highly active platform. Because of the new database, you might find the number of duds and obsolete models relatively less. The search engine and the user interface are solid and they also have reliable connectivity. 

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It is not just a website hosting various 3D printing files or other content, but it is a community-based 3D model database where you will be able to engage in various contests, get tutorial blogs, and some printing tips. It is regularly updated and new features are added frequently. You will find a 3D viewer where you would be able to inspect each and every STL file available. For now, everything is free to download, however, they are thinking of including an option to sell designer models is under consideration. 

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2. CGTrader 

Like its name suggests it is more of a commercial platform where designers can sell or buy designs. Ever since its inception in 2011, CGTrader has been considered a great destination for anyone who wants to convert their 2D designs into 3D models. This is why it is pretty popular among anyone who is connected to virtual reality or someone who wants 3D models for other display purposes. 

It has also got an impressive range with both paid and unlimited content where you will find high-quality designs to choose from. There is also a Trader Loyalty Discount which is a very slick feature for anyone who is looking forward to buying stuff from this website. There are more than 950,000 designs and models to pick, so you are not going to get bored or have a shortage of any sort of stuff. 

3. Cults 

Cults is another one of the top Thingiverse alternatives that you would be happy to explore. It is known as the first autonomous marketplace framework for 3D files. It has been getting more and more popular ever since it was first introduced to us in 2014. 

There are more than 85,000 designs to access and the website is overlooked by more than 800,000 employees around the world which makes sure its viewers get the best kind of service here. It has got many impressive features including the statics that helps the customers to get what they are looking for. Not only this, you will find several promotions and discounts such as polymer sales, 3D printing, and apparel. 

4. Pinshape 

Intending to make 3D printing fun and straightforward, Pinshape has also become a top destination for 3D printing files and models. They have stayed true to their goals and make sure their customers get the best service as well. This platform hosts a big community where makers and designers can interact and people can choose from endless designs as well. It is ideal for designers at every skill level, so whether you are a beginner or expert, you would be able to find something that interests you. The rating characteristics also help the users. 

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5. YouMagine 

YouMagine is a platform that has facilitated the concept of generating CAD and 3D documents. There is a mix of already existing processes but their attempt to protect and safeguard uniqueness has been appreciated by the users and 3D enthusiasts from across the world. There is a takedown system included where an investigation will take place on violations.

There are around 17,000 prototypes to choose from and there are also many filters that would help users to find what they have been looking for. 

6. 3D Export 

Established in 2004, it has been a top competitor for all the other sites and it is growing day by day too. There are more than 200,000 designs and 500,000 representatives from all parts of the world. 

It also contains several educational initiatives and instruments from different academic fields. You will also get pre-recorded configuration and different tutorials that will direct you step by step. This allows you to learn better and improve your skills as well. 

7. NASA 

NASA is a free website where you will find loads of 3D models of the organization’s technology and landmarks. So if you are interested in making the miniature figures of several rockets and spacecraft then this should be a great destination for you. Since all the models can’t be printed, NASA has a separate section where you will find 3D printable designs and several verified files as well. 

Not only this, but they have also got an email address with which you can communicate if you have any queries or difficulties while printing 3D models. They will adjust the design concerning the problem. Overall, a free platform, it is a pretty good platform for anyone willing to improve their skills and get more knowledge. 

8. MyMiniFactory

This is also a leading marketplace for 3D printing designs and it was started in 2013. Here, you will find handpicked designs that will be sold from their offices. It has got a large tabletop community. You will also find free smartphone 3D scanning support and an ideals section for community concept validation. The models and designs are 100% community approved which reduces print failures. You will find both free and paint designs and there is also a premium membership with more perks. 

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9. Treatstock

It is multidimensional where you will find 3D printings along with CNC machining instruments. If you don’t have a printing machine you can publish your work here and get it professionally manufactured. You can also become a producer or offer your assistance if you own a 3D printing machine. 

10. 3DVIA 

3DVIA is another cool platform where you can find cool 3D models mainly for decorative purposes. This is the best place for anyone interested in interior decorating and the west to show off or get inspired by 3D models. There are so many options to get what you have been looking for or get the best ideas to get yourself inspired. It’s an easy-to-use and hassle-free platform to go to. 


1. How robust is the PLA Plastic?

PLA is a biodegradable substance that is considered as very durable and sturdy. This is why it is one of the most popular kinds of material in 3D printing. This might be because it is more challenging than other components such as ABS. Although ABS has less tensile strength, it is also considered as the crumbly one, which is why PLA Plastic is considered robust. 

2. With quite a 3d printing machine, what is the most exciting stuff to print?

If you have a decent 3D printing machine you will have huge options and exciting stuff that you can print. So all you would need is a decent enough prototype and some exciting ideas to print. Some of the things such as carabiner, keyholder, and basket would be pretty fun to print. Nevertheless, you can always try to explore new ideas and several amazing things. 

3. What sort of documents are 3D files for printing?

Standard Triangle Language, also known as STL, is the sector file format for publishing 3D documents or files. The creation and transfer of an STL format are made easy with almost all the advanced software for Computer-Aided Design. The data file would be converted into a digital code through scraping which will build your 3D framework ready to go published. 


So these are some of the best alternatives to Thingiverse and these platforms would meet your requirements and provide you everything that you are looking for. Since there are so many platforms, you would be able to design or print whatever you are looking for. So whether you are a newbie or a professional, you can easily find things that you are in need of. 

We like Cults, which is very popular and is also pretty easy to deal with, although you can choose any one of the aforementioned Thingiverse alternatives as you see fit. 

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