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Verizon Email Sign In and Everything You Need to Know

Verizon Email was a very popular product of Verizon Communications. It was a massive database of 4.4 million users which included 2.5 daily users. However, in 2017 Verizon emails were transferred to AOL which is owned by Verizon and is now providing email services to clients across the world. Verizon services are incredibly loaded with features, and its customers decided to stay with it, even after the transfer of Verizon emails to AOL. This is because Verizon allowed its customers the option of keeping their email accounts as well as their data that was stored in them through the move to AOL.

The end to email services in 2017 is a move to shift the company’s focus on its main services, namely Verizon cable TV Internet, internet along with IPTV services.

In the past, Verizon email accounts could be signed into using authentic sign-in systems. After the transfer only minor changes were made to the process of logging in. Let’s take a look at how you can sign into Verizon’s email account in 2022.

How to Sign up for a New Verizon Email Account

How to Sign up for a New Verizon Email Account

Since Verizon announced that their service would be shutting off in the year 2017, it has provided its customers with time before the deadline to change the email address into AOL as well as Yahoo through Also, when AOL was launched in 2017, the email service was removed, and people who want to sign-up to a new email account with Verizon are able to sign up at as well as

How to Sign in to Verizon.Net Email Account?

How to Sign in to Verizon.Net Email Account?

Account holders who signed up through Verizon can still try to log into their account by following simple steps. Older users must login to either the AOL login page, and Verizon Yahoo sign-in page to access their email account.

Three Major Steps to Verizon Email Sign in

Step 1. Open one of the login pages (Yahoo and AOL login pages.

Step 2. Fill in your valid Verizon mail address, and then click “Next”.

Step 3. You now need to input your email password. Make sure that the caps lock isn’t turned off. Click the”Login” “Login” button to proceed.

Passwords are the most important step, since a minor error could result in a traumatic outcome. If you repeatedly type in the wrong password, it could lead to the account to be locked. Keep an eye on Caps locks is a further recommendation because it must be activated in only the instances where Capital characters are needed, specifically in the password field.

Verizon Email Login Using AOL

Verizon Email Login Using AOL

For a long time, Verizon provided Verizon email addresses to its customers who were residential on the internet. users could log into their Verizon email addresses through their Verizon Webmail Login Portal or any other third-party program for email.

As of 2017 Verizon gave customers the option to transfer the email addresses of AOL or extract the data from a third party email service to save or load into their accounts. If customers have transferred their files, their full email addresses, such as, can be used for signing into AOL. It is possible to sign up with a smartphone using the AOL website or through the AOL application.

Verizon net sign in email Using Yahoo

Certain Verizon mail users switched to Yahoo using a different program to access the Verizon account. Users can still use the Yahoo system to access their emails. Yahoo as well as AOL is now controlled by Verizon and the business combines AOL and Yahoo’s email system.

Common Issues and Fixes in Yahoo Email Login

Common Issues and Fixes in Yahoo Email Login

Verizon is a part of Yahoo Mail. Users can sign in using their Yahoo mail account to login with their Verizon Yahoo email account. It is possible to experience login issues in the event that your Verizon email account is blocked. It is also possible to restore your email account in case you have forgotten your password.

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To fix problems with signing emails on Verizon Yahoo email signing issues follow the simple steps below to fix the issue.

  1. Be sure your network connection is stable to access the email address of your Verizon Yahoo email account.
  2. Verify if you are experiencing issues with the Yahoo service for email that is not working in your region.
  3. In this situation, you may try to login to the Verizon Yahoo email account after several hours.
  4. Verify that you’ve entered the correct password for signing into the Verizon Yahoo email account.
  5. Make sure that you are able to see that the Caps Lock as well as the Unlock keys are turned to the left while you type in your password if you’ve got the same kind of password.
  6. Press Show Password and confirm the password you entered.
  7. If you have any issues in your browser, try using a different one.
  8. If you’ve forgotten your password to your Verizon Yahoo email account, then you must reset it.
  9. Open any browser, then go to the authentic Verizon Yahoo sign-in page to solve Verizon Yahoo email login issues.
  10. Select the Sign-in option in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  11. At the screen for login, click Trouble login to reset your password.
  12. Select the Forget Your Information link to access the Forget My password screen.
  13. Input the User ID for the Verizon email account and enter the ZIP code into the appropriate fields. After that, click on”Continue.
  14. Follow the instructions on screen to reset your password on you Verizon Yahoo email account.
  15. Check that the email password you choose is a combination of a number, uppercase letters, a lower-case as well as a symbol for better security.
  16. Make sure to enter the correct password two times to validate it, and then click reset the password.
  17. After you’ve completed the reset password procedure, you will be able to log in into the account on Verizon Yahoo email account using the User ID and a new password.

Set Up Verizon for Android or Third-Party Email Clients

Set Up Verizon for Android or Third-Party Email Clients

If you think it’s time to set up your Verizon account using an Android mail application, iPhone mail, other email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird making sure you have the correct email settings is a must. This is why we provide the most accurate Verizon setting for servers that can come in useful when you are trying to configure Verizon on different platforms.

ProtocolServer SettingsPort Settings
POP 3Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.verizon.netOutgoing mail server (SMTP):smtp.verizon.netPOP3-995-SSL SMTP-465-SSL 
IMAPIncoming mail server (IMAP): mail server (SMTP): smtp.verizon.netIMAP-993-SSL SMTP-465-SSL

The proper Verizon settings are the following:

Important Note: It is mandatory to include the complete Verizon email address along with its domain’s name i.e. and don’t forget to activate the SSL encryption on incoming or outgoing mail.

How to Fix Verizon.Net Login Issues

ow to Fix Verizon.Net Login Issues

There are instances where Verizon users are unable to sign-in. Many reasons can cause issues with signing in to Therefore, it is important to be aware of all possible causes before trying to solve them.

The first thing to note is that there’s no Verizon email login system currently available, so be sure you’re not trying to sign in using or pages. The only two websites, AOL and Yahoo offer Verizon login options.

For Verizon Wireless services, Verizon wireless account or My FIOS account options are offered. You can sign to Wireless accounts from

However, if you’re experiencing Verizon mail login problems, we recommend that you follow the suggestions below for solutions.

  1. Verify that your internet connection works perfectly. Try restarting your router if you think there is an issue with the network connection.
  2. Make sure you have your password in order before entering.
  3. Try switching between browsers or devices in case you’re unable to log in.
  4. Utilize incognito mode to sign in for Verizon’s account.
  5. Clear cookies, caches and browser history prior to signing in.
  6. Temporarily deactivate the add-ons, plug-ins and security software when connecting to Verizon.

Reach out via the Verizon assistance platform for technical assistance.

How to Set Up SMTP Settings for Verizon Email

 Set Up SMTP Settings for Verizon Email

By enabling to the SMTP settings to you Verizon Email account inside an email client that you like (for instance, Gmail, Windows Live, AT&T Mail, etc. ) You can use an email program in order to mail messages via the account of your Verizon account.

I’ll briefly discuss how to set up Verizon email’s settings for outgoing servers within Gmail along with Outlook.

A. Setting Up Verizon SMTP Settings in Gmail

Here’s how to add the SMTP Settings to the account you have with Verizon Email account inside Gmail:

Step 1 : Start the Gmail web application and sign into your Gmail account. Click on the Settings Gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 2 : Navigate to the options > Settings > Accounts and Import, then click Add another email address under the Send Mail option.

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Step 3 : Enter Your Verizon Email address and click Next Step.

Step 4 : Enter your Verizon username and password, select the SSL encryption, choose the 465 port, and type in the outgoing server name: (for Verizon AOL) and (for Verizon Yahoo).

Step 5 : Click Add Account.

Gmail will now attempt to authenticate to confirm your credentials. Once the authentication is confirmed then you can begin using Gmail to send email messages from the account of your Verizon account.

Let’s now see how to configure Verizon options inside MS Outlook.

B. Setting Up Verizon SMTP Settings in Outlook

Here’s how to add the SMTP settings to your Verizon account within Outlook:

Step 1: Open the Outlook mail application on your PC. Then, go to File > Info > Add Account.

Step 2: Input the email address of your Verizon Email address, enter your password, then connect.

Step 3: After you have established the link between your Verizon Email Account and Outlook is established, log into the File menu > Information > Manage Profiles > Mail Accounts… and select to sign in with your Verizon account.

Step 4: Type in the outgoing mail server name: (for Verizon AOL) and (for Verizon Yahoo).

Step 5: Click Further Settings… and then Advanced and determine if the port number of the mail server that is outgoing is 465 and if TLS or SSL encryption is in use.

Step 6: Click OK, then input your Verizon password and then click OK.

Outlook will immediately send a test email via to your Verizon Email account to ensure that everything works exactly as you would expect.

For more information You can refer to my comprehensive guide to Outlook SMTP settings.

After you’ve set your SMTP settings set You’re now able to send email to anyone who has the same Verizon Mail address.

In the next post, I’ll discuss how to set up setting for IMAP as well as POP of the account you have with Verizon: Verizon account:

How to Set Up IMAP and POP Settings for Verizon Email

While SMTP settings allow you to send emails, you’ll have to create POP or IMAP options to allow incoming emails from the email account on your Verizon account.

Let’s examine how to modify these settings within Gmail or Outlook.

A. Setting Up Verizon POP Settings in Gmail

Be aware that with Gmail you are able to create your Verizon Email account using POP, not IMAP. This means that your email messages will be downloaded, but will not be transferred back to the server.

Step 1: Start the Gmail web application and log into the Gmail account. Next, click the Settings Gear icon, and then go through the steps to sell all your settings, Accounts, and Import.

Step 2: Continue scrolling down to come to that Check Mail from another account: section . Click on the Add Mail Account button.

Step 3: Input the email address of your Verizon Email address and hit Next.

Step 4: Select the radio icon next to import email from another account (POP3) and then click Next.

Step 5: Choose the 995 port number for the incoming mail server and enter the POP server name: (for Verizon AOL) and (for Verizon Yahoo).

Step 6: Click Add Account.

You should be able to receive email messages to your Verizon Email account inside the Gmail application.

B. Setting Up Verizon IMAP/POP Settings in Outlook

Step 1: Start the Outlook app on your personal computer and navigate to File > Information and then Add Account.

Step 2: Check the box next to Allow me to set up my account by hand and click Connect.

Step 3: After you have established the link between your Verizon Email account and Outlook is established, you are able to choose the IMAP or POP account type and then add the IMAP/POP settings.

For IMAP, the port number needs to be 993, SSL encryption must be in use, and the server name should be (for Verizon AOL) and (for Verizon Yahoo).

For POP, the port number needs to be 995, SSL encryption must be in use, and the server name should be (for Verizon AOL) and (for Verizon Yahoo).

The Verizon Email account should now be set up and ready to receive emails within the Outlook mail application.

Additionally, you could set the SMTP settings as well as IMAP/POP settings in other email applications (e.g., Mozilla Thunderbird) in the web-based browser you use. You can also add the settings on the settings of your iOS (e.g., iPhone) as well as Android (e.g., Samsung S21) devices.

However, remember that the steps for setting these settings are different for each webmail client.

This section is intended for Verizon AOL users who are experiencing problems when they use the Verizon email account within Outlook.

Update email settings in Mac Mail

Update email settings in Mac Mail

If this is the first time you add an account in Mail, you will be hinted to choose a provider. Choose the AOL. Radio button and tap Continue. Verizon Email Add to iPhone.

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Enter in your info. Verify that you use the full email address that you chose during the shifting process, including For instance:

Verizon Email Isn’t Working in Outlook Simple Fix

If you receive an error message when creating an account with your Verizon AOL account in Outlook This is likely because of the security updates implemented by AOL in June 2021.

AOL will no longer allow connections to third-party applications until the user has updated the security preferences. In the event that you attempt to connect your Verizon account to the Outlook application (with your correct username) you will see an error message that reads “Something went wrong” appears.

Don’t worry.

Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

Step 1: Go to and log in with your Verizon Email account and password.

Step 2: Select Account Security and then Create app password.

Step 3: From the Select Your App drop-down menu in the”App passwords” window choose Outlook Desktop, click Generate and then copy the password that was generated.

Step 4: Start the Outlook application, enter your Verizon Email email address as well as your password, and then select Change Account Settings.

Step 5: When you open the IMAP Account Settings or POP Account Settings window that appears, make sure that your outgoing and incoming servers settings to Verizon Email are accurate, then click Next.

Step 6: Input the password that was generated from AOL to the Password field and then click Connect.

The Verizon Email account should get properly configured in Outlook and you shouldn’t be required to continue troubleshooting.

FAQ about how to use the Verizon Email Service

how to use the Verizon Email Service

Here are the answers for five questions frequently asked about Verizon Email Service: Verizon email service:

1. Why Did Verizon Retire Its Email Service?

In the year 2017, Verizon decided to withdraw its email service for good. It is now impossible to login to the mail account on your mail account via Verizon’s email application.


Verizon stated that, as the market is flooded with “more capable email platforms available,” they’d rather concentrate on other initiatives that will bring greater worth to Verizon customers.

However, the other products of the business remain more or less unaltered, including:

Verizon Fios router (WiFi).

High bandwidth and low latency ISP offers a wide range of bandwidth and low latency (ISP) services.

HD video and voice calls (LTE) solutions.

Mobile phone with prepaid or postpaid (iOS and Android phones) choices.

Services for managing networks.

Connectivity solutions.

2. Can I Still Access My Verizon Email?

Can I Still Access My Verizon Email?

Yes, you can!


Customers who moved their data and email accounts to a different email provider such as AOL or Yahoo on or before the 5th of December, 2017, can continue to use their Verizon email account.

If, however, you haven’t migrated your account’s mail and information to another email service prior to this date then you will never access them.

All the email information stored on the Verizon mail server was deleted following December 5, 2017.

3. What Is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP in short, is a protocol which sets the rules for sending emails online. It’s the most common protocol that is used by the majority of email applications to transmit mail via an outgoing server for mail.

4. What Is POP3?

POP3 is the 3rd edition of the Post Office Protocol or POP. The POP3 version is widely used across the majority of devices as well as the email application you use.

The POP service downloads all mail that comes in onto your device and saves the emails locally. This allows you to access your email offline, too. you don’t have to be online to check your mail.

5. What Is IMAP?

IMAP is the abbreviation in the acronym Internet Access Protocol for Messages. Access Protocol.

Similar to POP like POP, like POP, the IMAP protocol is also utilized for getting emails. There are however some important differences between these networks’ settings.

Contrary to POP and POP3, unlike POP, an IMAP email account keeps all of your email messages in the mail server rather than downloading them onto your device. This makes it simple for users to access their mail wherever, so long as you’re connected to an Internet connection.

Since IMAP functions as cloud storage for your server for mail incoming and is a cloud storage service, IMAP is a better choice for your mail server. IMAP protocol is more efficient and quicker than POP3.

Final Thoughts

In spite of Verizon having stopped their email provider, Verizon users still have many options for with their existing email accounts.

Follow the steps below to establish to set up your Verizon email settings across different email applications. Once you’ve set up your POP/IMAP, SMTP and POP/IMAP settings then you’re set to start sending and receiving email using your Verizon account in other mail applications.

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