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Verizon Emails: How to Back Them Up to Computer?

What Is Verizon Email Service?

Verizon was an email provider that was cloud-based however, it has been discontinued on December 15th 2017 because over time, Verizon realized there are more efficient email services for its valued customers Verizon. At present time, if someone wants to access this Verizon email address like then he can access email address by going to link with AOL email platform.

Reasons to Backup Verizon Messages

The reasons will depend on the individual’s preference, but we’re providing a few possibilities to consider saving Verizon emails to a computer.

  • Every one of the Verizon account email addresses are high-risk because web mail has stopped providing services as of December 15 the 15th of December, 2017. That is the primary reason behind the backup of Verizon messages.
  • After saving Verizon emails to a computer Users can then import the emails to any other email services and clients.
  • Many users would like to backup their Verizon email backups to computers in PDF format since PDF document format is easily accessible to all devices. Users are able to effortlessly print Verizon emails after changing them to PDF format.
  • Many people want for the export of Verizon to Outlook due to the fact that Microsoft Outlook is the first choice for most users who use email services.
  • Many people want to transfer your Verizon messages onto other cloud-based mail platforms i.e. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, G Suite,, Office 365, IBM Verse, etc.
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Software to Backup Verizon Emails

Users can utilize BitRecover Email Backup Wizard which provides a separate option of backing up AOL emails by requesting the account’s credentials. We’ve mentioned before it that Verizon email accounts have been merged with the AOL email, which means it’s an excellent option to download Verizon emails to your local computers. Verizon backup tool allows users to transfer Verizon emails into Outlook PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX HTML, PDF, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, Office 365, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo, Rediffmail, IBM Verse, IMAP, etc. in a few easy steps.

Features of Verizon Backup Software

Backup Verizon messages in various formats– The Verizon backup tool allows you for downloading Verizon mailboxes in a variety of formats like Verizon to PST, Verizon to MSG, Verizon to EML, Verizon to EMLX, Verizon to MBOX, Verizon to PDF, Verizon to HTML, Verizon to MHT, Verizon to XPS, Verizon to RTF, Verizon to DOC, etc.

Import Verizon emails to various email Clients – This software grants the capability to import messages directly from Verizon in MS Outlook, Verizon to Windows Live Mail, Verizon to Lotus Notes, Verizon to Zimbra, Verizon to Thunderbird, Verizon to SeaMonkey, and so on.

Transfer Verizon Mailboxes into Cloud- Based Email Services Verizon mail backup software able in transferring email from Verizon in to Gmail, Verizon to G Suite, Verizon to Office 365, Verizon to, Verizon to Yahoo Mail, Verizon to Rediffmail, Verizon to IBM Verse and Verizon to IMAP cloud-based services.

Keep the same structure of folders and Email Items- Verizon email backup tool keeps the structure of subfolders and folders and every email item like to, Cc, Bccc Subject, Signature, Attachments, deleted emails, Date, time etc. While Verizon backup of emails.

Multiple Advanced Filters for specific Verizon email backup – Customers can utilize advanced settings to backup selectively because the tool comes with a variety of filters to store particular Verizon emails to a computer i.e. Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc.

Different options for naming files Different File Naming Options Email Backup- Email backup and email converter tool can’t be complete without naming options for files since names for files are the primary feature of any program. This program offers various names for files such as subject + date (dd-mm-yyyy) from + subject + date (yyy-mm-dd),From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy) Date (dd-mm-yyyy) + From + Subject Date(yyyy-mm-dd HHH:MM:SS) + Subject + From Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm) Subject + Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm) Day (dd-mm-yyyy) + Subject + From From, Date (yyyy-mm-dd) + Subject + From Auto Increment.

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Verizon Backup on Computer with Selective Folders- After filling in Verizon account details the program displays all folders of email within the software panel. in the software panel, users are able to select the specific folders that they want that they want to back up Verizon cloud to a computer.

The tool creates a SavingLog.txt File with details– After downloading Verizon email messages to a computer it creates the SavingLog.txt file that contains every detail about the data downloaded, including Start Date and time, Saving Type select IMAP source, selected Source File Paths, Converted Items Destination Path, Status etc.

How to Backup Verizon Cloud to Computer?

The first step is to install and download Verizon backup software, which is compatible with every Windows OS based computers successfully including Windows Server editions. Follow the steps below to backup Verizon emails on your computer.

Backup Verizon email
  • Choose the email folders you want to use in the software’s menu and select the saving format like the one shown in the image.
Verizon backup tool
  • Verizon mail backup software has numerous file name options, which we’ve previously described.
Save Verizon emails to computer
  • By default, the program stores the data on the desktop , but users can alter the path of destination by clicking Change. Users can make use of advanced settings to create specific backups and then press Backup to continue.
Export Verizon to Outlook
  • Downloading emails directly from Verizon cloud onto local computers using a pre-determined destinations.
  • Verizon email backup process was successfully completed with the confirmation message.
Completed successfully
  • When you have completed the backup process it will start the folder that was created. This are the backup results in a selective file format.
Save Verizon emails to computer

FAQ’s About Verizon Backup Tool

Que 1 – How do I convert Verizon mail to Outlook?

Answer: Follow these steps to transfer Verizon mail to Outlook.

  1. Begin by opening Verizon Backup Software, enter the credentials for your account and then hit Login.
  2. Choose email folders from the software’s panel and select PST as a saving format.
  3. Choose the destination path, then press the button Backup to begin downloading.
  4. Start Microsoft Outlook and choose Open Outlook Data File option to import email from PST.
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Question 2: Do I have the ability to set up Verizon email backup tool on a Windows 10 laptop?

Answer: Yes, the tool is compatible with the latest and earlier versions of Windows OS including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

Question 3 Is this application able to allow backup of Verizon Calendars and contacts?

Answer: No, this program is licensed to download Verizon emails only.

Question 4 – Do you think Verizon Email Backup Software able to store large amounts of information of Verizon mailboxes?

Answer: There isn’t a size restriction on the backup of Verizon messages.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for suggesting this program to backup Verizon messages. The tool allows you to backup Verizon emails to 20+ formats with no loss of any vital information. Keep it up.

– Bartolmeu, Unites States

I’ve tried this software to export Verizon emails in Outlook 2016 and got 100% correct results, therefore I am able to say with pride that it’s the top products to back up Verizon emails on computers.

– Mussazi, Brazil

Final Words

Verizon Backup software an outstanding tool that allows users to download emails from Verizon to a variety of saving formats without any hassle. Users can also add emails to outlook 2019, 2016 2013 and 2007 and older versions with a few easy steps. One of the greatest features that comes with Verizon Backup software is the option of downloading Verizon cloud to a computer by choosing specific folders for ethe mail.

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