To describe Red Hot Rumble, you need to shout into your ear until it starts bleeding. Then follow that with a catapult ride in a volcano that is somehow floating in the air. Although it seems like a brilliant idea to combine the Viewtiful Joseph characters in a four-player fighting game, it is often a confusing orgy of noise and colour.

In games like these, the goal is usually to be the last man standing. This means you will face off against three, four, or five characters in a gang-bang battle to the end. The goal here is to accomplish one or two objectives per fight while still being ahead of everyone else in overall point totals. Each chapter is broken into four parts. If you succeed in each part, you will unlock new fighters, levels, and admittedly cool animated videos.

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One goal might be to collect the most diamonds as they fall on the screen, while another is to defeat all enemies within the time limit. But, there are no winners in a beat-em-up. You can also send someone else flying if they get in your way with the series’ signature VFX moves (think colour saturated Matrix).

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