What is LogicalDOC? A Reliable Document Management System

LogicalDOC is a document management system that helps you manage your documents securely, efficiently, and reliably. It offers end-to-end capabilities for managing all types of documents in your organization, regardless of where they are stored. This blog post introduces as a reliable enterprise document management system that can streamline how you keep, find and share documents within your organization.

 What is a Document Management System?

A document management system is an enterprise platform that helps you store and manage your important documents. It enables users to create, share and collaborate on documents irrespective of their location. You can also create workflows that bring greater efficiency to your business operations. Some of the critical features of a document management system include – centralization, security, versioning, auditing, workflow automation, search, and much more. It is designed to organize your documents electronically rather than storing them in boxes or filing cabinets.

 LogicalDOC : A reliable document management system

LogicalDOC is a cloud-based document management system that facilitates seamless collaboration across teams. It helps you store documents, search and retrieve them quickly, and collaborate with team members. 

LogicalDOC integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use, such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, G Suite, and Box. It also works with your existing third-party security and authentication tools. Some of the key benefits of using as a document management system include – – Securely storing documents and collaborating on them with team members.

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LogicalDOC facilitates secure collaboration on documents. You can invite team members to view, edit, comment, or sign documents online. You can also create a team folder to collaborate with team members on specific manuscripts.

Quickly find documents with advanced search.

LogicalDOC allows you to search for documents based on their content, title, author, keywords, or other metadata in a few clicks. You can instantly search for documents using an advanced search function.

Integrate with your existing tools and third-party apps

With LogicalDOC, you don’t have to switch to a new device. You can continue using the tools you love. It integrates with Microsoft Office, G Suite, Box, Slack, SharePoint, and other web apps.

 Why is reliability important in document management?

Reliability is critical for document management systems as they are often used to store and manage necessary data. When an organization works on sensitive information, such as financial documents, compliance and legal documents, and intellectual property, it is essential to select a reliable and secure product. This ensures that data is protected from breaches, data loss, and malicious breaches to provide the best user experience and keep users and the organization safe. LogicalDOC is a highly available and scalable system with high uptime to protect against data loss and provide continuous availability. It ensures that you always have access to critical documents and information through secure, end-to-end encrypted data transfer.

Manage Documents in your organization

Most businesses have a significant amount of unstructured data like contracts, purchase orders, customer service notes, etc. Managing these documents can be a challenging task, and you can use LogicalDOC to store and manage these documents. With built-in workflows, you can streamline your business processes. You can keep and manage your documents from the web dashboard or mobile app. 

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You can also integrate LogicalDOC with other business applications. You can create folders, organize documents per your company’s structure and create libraries. You can also set up alerts to receive notifications when there are new documents to review.

 View and search documents securely

You can easily create a folder, create a new document and upload it to the folder. You can also create a team folder where multiple team members can collaborate and work together on a paper. You can use advanced search to search for documents based on their title, keywords, author, and content. You can further filter records based on their status, creation date, modification date, and other fields. LogicalDOC provides end-to-end encryption to protect your sensitive information. It also enables you to share documents with limited access. You can create custom fields to store metadata related to the papers.

Share Documents with limited access

You can invite team members to view and edit documents, and you can also restrict specific document access to certain members only. 

You can set up document expiration and set the viewing permissions. You can also add comments or signatures to the documents from any device.

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