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Where is the Option to Suggest Friends on Facebook?

Facebook is an extremely popular and excellent way to stay in touch with your family and friends at no cost. I tried to recommend an acquaintance on Facebook to another of my acquaintances today. Additionally, I viewed the profile of the friend however, the button to “Suggest Friends”wasn’t there. I’m guessing it was intended to be placed beneath the profile picture. The photo has been moved. Connecting two friends that aren’t connected is a bit more complex in the present. Because the suggestion feature has been removed from Facebook. To locate it. You must follow these steps.

Facebook has denied using information about location to suggest possible friends, amid concerns about the skewed accuracy the way it presents “people you may know”. This feature indicates that users do not have any or a few acquaintances on the social network.

These steps were the method by which you could invite friends to your desktop versions of Facebook.


  • Join Your Facebook account.
  • You can then go into the account of that person you’d like to recommend as a friend.
  • Click on and click on the ” Friends” button on the page of the individual.
  • Choose ” Suggest Friends…on Facebook”.
  • Find a person and then click”Suggest friend” to find them ” Suggest friend” button that is next to their name.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to recommend a friend via the Facebook application to iPhone and Android. Your best bet is to visit the entire website (desktop version) of Facebook through your browser. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an iPhone or Android. Follow the steps above.

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I am sure that you now know about the suggestion feature on FacebookWhere can you find this option right now? Since I’ve given you the steps. I hope that you enjoy this article as well as gain some information from it. Let us know via the comment section below should you have any concerns in relation to this article. We’ll be happy to assist you. Have a Great Day!

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