5 must-play moments in the WWE 2K19 career mode

Since THQ took over the WWE gaming rights in 2013, Wrestling fans have had a love-hate relationship. However, few people within the community can’t praise WWE 2K19 for its brilliant MyCareer feature.

You create a counterpart in the game; then you take him through the indies, NXT, and the main roster. There are many interactive cutscenes with WWE wrestlers and a variety of exciting matches. This is the best mode 2K has ever implemented since launching the series. If you are a casual wrestler, it’s a must-play.

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Are you still skeptical? Continue reading to discover five reasons MyCareer is a must-have. Spoilers ahead naturally.

1. The NXT invasion

The mode is in indie federation BCW. You are joined by three fictional characters: Barron Blade, the heel owner, and Cole Quinn, and El Mago, who are all seamlessly woven into the story. Blade ends his friendship with Triple H by playing a series against Quinn. You then enter NXT as an outlaw. This is the best part of the whole thing. You can imitate any classic WWE team (DX, NWO or Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior) while fighting off Triple H’s security guards. It’s just like you’ve seen on Monday Night Raw many times over the years. It’s a great time, and the outfits can be unlocked later for general use. This is useful, as Blade, Quinn, and Mago are valid bonus characters in Universe for those who need ‘jobbers.’

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2. Wrong Cena

After a brief stint in NXT, Buzz (the nickname Buzz for your CAW in-game) is signed by Daniel Bryan to Smackdown – where his final feud will be noticeable. The story is simple. He tries to win the respect of John Cena, the 16-time champion at Summerslam. It still needs to be watched, as Cena is voiced not by a wrestler but an impersonator. It’s an imposter. It is absurd that a pretender who is not very good at singing like Big Match John makes this attempt. This is the lowest point in the mode, but it’s not to be missed. It’s an astonishingly off-key wobble within a perfect symphony. This curious design choice has not been explained.

3. Raw gets Buzzed

The story is now at its halfway point. Just after your Summerslam match against Cena ends, Raw’s general manager Kurt Angle appears to announce that you have been traded to his show. Sasha Banks joins your cause, a welcome, but not necessary, female twist to an otherwise all-male story. Despite the storyline calling for it, there’s no mixed-tag against Maryse or Miz. The rivalry is still entertaining, as you interact with Dallas and Axel backstage, who continually undermine each other and make it seem like WWE’s version of Rocksteady and Bebop. Is there any humor in wrestling? I was also stunned.

4. Wrestling with dimensions

The first trailer for WWE 2K19’s gameplay teased a haunted house as well as zombie elements. I was one of those fans who balked at this nonsense. We – I – was wrong. These supernatural elements are brought up in a feud between Bray Wyatt and ‘Eater Of Worlds. It does go from the absurd to the unbelievable, but it feels fun enough to let it slide. Barron Blade is back for a brutal, weapons-heavy fight outside the haunted house. Matt Hardy takes us on a journey to the multiverse. Like Wyatt making it impossible to breathe by releasing green gas backstage, the darker moments keep you engaged despite the absurdity. This is the Intercontinental Championship’s most bizarre feud, and it is a must-see play.


5. Evolution’s return

MyCareer’s central theme is Triple H’s attempt to stop Buzz’s meteoric rise through the WWE ranks. It peaks towards the end when the savage ‘Kings of Kings’ reforms Evolution along with Batista or Randy Orton to take down your newcomer. MyCareer interactions earlier with Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Buzz culminate in the pair teaming up to face Trips and his co-workers at Fast Lane, which is the last pay-per-view before Wrestlemania. The entire chapter was excellent. The aftermath is too unique and shocking to discuss here. It’s worth it. Take it seriously. Please.

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